5 Year Strong!

036 edit

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d still be here trekking along, I’d have a very puzzled look on my face. When I started this brand (back then, just a T-shirt company), I had no idea what this would turn into. No knowledge of running a business, how a design turned into a T-shirt or anything, I just had something to say & I want to thank all of YOU for keeping me going! I’ve been through more than you probably care to know these last 5 years and it means the world to have your support!

On that note, with this release I wanted to take it back to our roots. The drop’s comprised of 3 T’s (inc a reprint of our Defend Hip-Hop piece in a new colorway) along with our 2nd Basketball Jersey. Not many pieces were printed of each so DON’T SLEEP on what’s in the shop  bc it probably won’t be up for long!

With the utmost love & respect,


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DJ RHETTMATIC feat. J57 & KONCEPT-Louis Vuitton Wallets

Big ups to the homie J-57 for repping our Gadsden 4th tee in this banger!


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5 Year Strong Previews…


As I’ve been hinting at here & there, we’ve been working hard as of late on a couple releases in between our main seasonal drops. Besides our first Hawaii capsule that dropped last week, we’ve had another one up our sleeve and that is the big 5 year drop! Throughout the past 5 years we’ve evolved a bit & with this one I made sure to bring it back to our roots. The release which is comprised of 3 new T’s & our 2nd Basketball Jersey will go live at 7 am (EST) on Monday (9/8/14). Enjoy the sneak-peeks & as always, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD:

5yr 0035yr 0105yr 0225yr 0075yr 0295yr 019


Get ready!



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Lush Life Lookbook B-Sides

When putting together a lookbook, I’m always aiming for a certain feeling or attitude to explain the release with the photos I use. From the location &  ambiance  to the look on the model, all of these characteristics come into play when we’re out there doing our thing. What this results in are hundreds of photos to sift through which ultimately get narrowed down to 8-15. With this post, I wanted to remove the veil & show you some of the other (unedited) flicks that are equally dope that unfortunately didn’t make the final cut. Enjoy:

DSC08641 101 DSC08679DSC08685DSC08616DSC08713DSC08515DSC08776DSC08740DSC08575G-SP


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MVMT In Motion

I’m a bit late on this but here’s our (bi) monthly roundup of photos from y’all. Keep the #stillproudclothing tags coming:

IMG_6235 IMG_6237 IMG_6284 IMG_6419 IMG_6449 IMG_6578 IMG_6585 IMG_6678 IMG_6843 IMG_6844 IMG_6913 IMG_6954 IMG_6959 IMG_7034 IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7107 IMG_7111 IMG_7112 IMG_7201 IMG_7354 IMG_7406 IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7518_1 IMG_7519G-SP


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“The Lush Life” Hawaii Capsule Collection

Cover073edit_edited-1093edit2DSC08692editimage_1 (1)DSC08648editDSC08704DSC08725editDSC08546editDSC08731editDSC08765editDSC08628editPhotography by Casshas2. Models: Gavin

The Lush Life collection will hit the shop on Tuesday (8/26/14)




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Sneakpeek pic

I’ve thought about dropping these shorts for many years and it FINALLY became a reality over the last month! These are sleek, comfy, and highly DURABLE cargos that are available in 2 styles:

1. Arsenal Cargo-Our All-camo short

Cargos 003 Cargos 027 Cargos 034

2. Molotov Cargo-Black shorts with an Arctic camo lined print along the pockets

cargo2 001 cargo2 021 cargo2 022

The shorts are PRE-ORDER ONLY and all of the info’s (Cost, sizing, mail dates etc) can be found in the shop (in each items description). Pre-orders will end a week from today, so DON’T MISS OUT ON THESE! These are the first of a couple Premium items we’ll be testing throughout the rest of the year, so keep those eyes glued to what’s next!


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Eyes & Nynes-Outta Sight, Outta Mind

Shouts to Adam of Eyes & Nynes for the representation in their debut video. Shit BANGS!

Support those that support us: Facebook & Twitter



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Highlight Magazine Interview


It’s been a while since we did one of these so shouts to Highlight for the little interview! Peep our conversation by clicking the below pic (& going to pg. 9):

unnamed (1)


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4th of July Release’s LIVE!


In honor of America’s independence, we bring you our 2nd 4th of July release complete with 3 familiar prints with a slight twist. This is a very small drop with under 25 pieces per design so DON’T SLEEP! Hit the shop or hold your regret, brah.

Happy 4th and be SAFE out there,


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