MUCH THANKS to all of you that keep us afloat! Here’s our roundup of tags over the last few months, keep em coming: #stillproudclothing #stillproud

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ScarubIMG_0069 IMG_0086

Taken by ForceIMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0248 IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0298 IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0404 IMG_0420

In the cageIMG_0476 IMG_0477 IMG_0478

DJ RastarootIMG_0485 IMG_0507 IMG_0535 IMG_0554

Suicide KingsIMG_0618 IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0658 IMG_0666 IMG_0689 IMG_0694 IMG_9615 IMG_9670 IMG_9691 IMG_9731 IMG_9767 IMG_9797 IMG_9831IMG_9958




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Suicide Kings “Tryin To Eat” FT – Aztek the Barfly

Our Canadian homies Suicide Kings just dropped their latest BANGER of a video! Shouts to Joey for rocking our Question Everything tee HARD!


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2nd Wave of Pre-Orders are LIVE!

Because you’ve pleaded long enough, I’m bringing back 6 more of your all-time favorites & am offering them first as PRE-ORDERS. They will be available in the shop until 3/3/15 & If you Pre-order now you’ll save $6 off the original price! Here’s  what we’re bringing back:


unnamed (21)

Defend the Constitution

product shots 009

In Self We Trust

unnamed (22)

Earn Your Respect



unnamed (23)


SPH_6438_1 SPH_6441_1


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Deejay Element featuring J57, Koncept “Sound Familiar” Music Video

The homies J57 & Koncept were recently featured on a track by Brownbag Allstars vinyl assassin Deejay Element, and this is the visual representation. Shouts to J for repping our Nation tee!

Stay tuned for some big stuff from these fellas coming in 2015!!


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All different walks of life, one common bond: your appreciation for SP! Shouts to everyone for the support and for tagging us, here’s the roundup of your pics:

IMG_8190 IMG_8396 IMG_8519 IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8583 IMG_8587 IMG_8612 IMG_8689 IMG_8690 IMG_8693 IMG_8736 IMG_8775 IMG_9035 IMG_9046 IMG_9063 IMG_9064 IMG_9133 IMG_9169 IMG_9324 IMG_9423 IMG_9424 IMG_9478 IMG_9530 IMG_9536G-SP


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2015 Reprints…

As I hinted at recently, I will be devoting the first couple months of 2015 solely to reprints! What’s even better is that I will offer them first as PRE-ORDERS (for a limited time) to give you a chance to scoop them up on the CHEAP ($13 vs the usual $20)! Besides the Pre-Orders, I will print a couple extras but the only way to ensure that you get your gear is to take advantage of the Pre-Order!

With that being said, our first wave of reprints will go live TOMORROW! They will only be up for a week (through 2/29) so DON’T HESITATE! Here’s what’s on deck:


unnamed (4)Achieve



Question Everything

unnamed (14)


unnamed (3)



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Hawaii Sticker Bomb!

10885549_1013035172047204_7906545122332586273_nThere’s something alluring about seeing street art and stickers plastered throughout a city. To me, it’s a mark, a brand, an idea and a symbol of a generation that says LISTEN UP!

Hawaii Ohana, STAND UP:

With my recent move back to the islands I’m planning a full-scale campaign to help us build our presence throughout this great land and I need YOUR help! I recently re-upped on a bunch of stickers & we’re looking for some supporters on each island to help spread the word!

Since my supply of stickers is limited, I can only take 20-30 of my most dedicated supporters to join this fight! Bc this is a rather costly venture (postage has gone up folks), I only need those who are SERIOUS:

When you slap these stickers around or drop them into local shops, tag us  on InstagramTwitter or Facebook with the location as I want to repost these on the blog as they come in!

While there is no cost on your end to join, if anyone would like to donate a $1 etc (towards postage), please paypal it to: Any bit helps and is much obliged!

Email us ( or comment your address below to get the stickers!

Get ready for a series of new HI themed releases throughout 2015, MUCH MAHALOS for joining!


Disclaimer: Still Proud assumes no liability in what may result of posting the stickers on public property. Please be respectful in where you post them as it may be considered defacing public property which is a chargeable offense. PROTECT YA NECK!

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2014: A Year in Review

036 edit

Where to start. 2014 has been one big crazy year for me personally & a year of firsts for SP. In June, I packed up my bags, girlfriend (not in a bag, I swear), pup, & moved from FL (where I lived for the last 22 years) to my original place of birth on Maui (Hawaii). I left behind so many good friends & memories all because I felt like a change was in order (and hell, I missed my family & surfing). Another pinnacle reason was to be able to focus more on building up SP. The transition has been a bit challenging with all things considered, but I’m excited to say that we’re finally getting our lives situated & accustomed to a slower pace of life in HI.

Now, enough personal shit, on to the crux of this post: SP. Moving 6,000 miles away afforded some challenges in & of itself. We had to learn how to shoot & edit our own photos as we had been relying on Tampa based photographers & didn’t really know anyone out here to take over those duties. It was a bit frustrating at first but with some guidance, we managed to knock out a couple releases by ourselves which not only made us more self-reliant, but also saved some $ which when you’re operating a small business, is always a good thing!

On the topic of firsts, I  dropped a lot of new items which included Cargo-shorts & Winter jackets. I also introduced our first Hawaii release which offered a slightly different look for us with floral patterned caps, custom pocket T’s & Hawaii centric gear. 2014 also saw us celebrating our 5th year in business  which crept up on me. It really put things into perspective & made me want to push the envelope even harder in 2015. We also delved a little into video production & with our Winter release put out our first video lookbook which was exciting. At the end of the day we put out 15 T’s, 1 Tanktop/ B-ball jersey, 2-Hats/ 5-panels, 2 Pullover hoodies/ Winter Jackets, 2 Cargo Shorts, 3 Beanies & 1 Windbreaker.

In 2015, my goals are to: offer a lot more new items, reprint a bunch of classics, release more videos & also to establish and build our presence locally throughout the islands. I have A LOT of exciting new releases in the works & it will be a very busy year for the brand, you can believe that! Before I conclude this post I just want to give a BIG thank you for your support in 2014! I put so much into this & to know that I have your backing means more than you know!

P.s: Hit the shop to come up on our Mystery Box Sale to save some cash & help me make way for new stock!

new year 2015 written in sand

2015, GET READY!



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Out of Step Video Lookbook

Stoked to bring you our very first video lookbook highlighting our latest Winter release. Please repost the hell out of it on all your social networks & subscribe to our Youtube channel as this is just the beginning!

Shouts to my brother Justin for shooting/ editing the clip!


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Winter 14’s LIVE!

10409638_904417812902354_1592520600328976405_nA little delayed from our intended date but I’m stoked to say that everything’s up! Hit the shop to cop the limited gear & get your holiday shopping secure!


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