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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I can’t believe that there’s just a few months left of 2016, what a crazy year it’s been! In hindsight,  I wish I would have been a little quicker on the trigger with releases but it’s been hard, being a dad … Continue reading

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It’s beyond humbling to find other individuals that take this idea to heart as much as I do. We’re not a name on a T-shirt like so many meaningless “brands” out there, this is a mentality & outlook on life. … Continue reading

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Behind the Design: Never Kneel Tee

We have a tendency in our society to gravel over anyone with an inkling of power (law enforcement, political figures, celebrities etc) and regardless of these individuals titles, accomplishments or roles, they are merely people just like you and me. … Continue reading

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“Our Way” Blog Love

With the decline of print media in the last 10 years blogs have quickly risen to fill the void as the new go-to media sites. Perhaps it’s due to their convenience or merely the fact that they’re free but in … Continue reading

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A little delay in release

There has been a delay in printing. Originally I was planning on having them in hand by this week but they are just being shipped out I have been informed, today. Furthermore, I had a death in the family and … Continue reading

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