sorry-were-closed-signJust a heads up that the SHOP will be down for a few weeks as I cruise to Canada for a much-needed vacation with the fam! Don’t worry though, I’ll be back around August 14th & there will be a HUGE sale on All remaining gear to follow, as we prepare for some new releases!

On that note, keep up with my travels on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat (User: SPMVMT) as I’ll be updating frequently!

Until next time,


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Behind the Design: The “Anger” Collection


The message behind everything we do as a brand, has always been at the forefront of my creative process. This was one of my favorite releases to date and after taking a year off of new stuff, I wanted to put out a release that encapsulated the best elements of who we are! So now that the dust has settled, let’s dig a little deeper into the Anger collection:

Police Brutality

000SP-22_1 000SP-25_2

If we ever expect anything to change in our society, we must all collectively come together to highlight the issues that affect us, and act! How many stories must surface every day of law enforcement abusing its power or police departments covering up for their own employee mishaps at the expense of innocent lives? This is why I created this piece! Because without Justice, there can be NO PEACE!


000SP-32_1 000SP-20_2

One of my favorite movies over the last decade was Rocky Balboa. When I first watched it, I was going through hard times and one line in the movie stuck with me (.50 onward):

And as a fan of combat sports, I just had to make this piece encapsulating its message. So I hooked up with a badass tattoo artist & friend (Jeremy Damron) from Tampa and the rest was history!



One of my all-time favorite bands growing up was Rage Against the Machine. They were in my eyes the first politically oriented group to take the mainstream scene by storm, and they did it in a way that did not compromise their ideals. I remember watching the video for “Freedom” (back when MTV actually played music) and hearing “Your Anger is a Gift.” That line stuck with me throughout my life & has been a pinnacle motivator in everything that I do, including starting this brand. If you can use Anger constructively, there’s NOTHING that can’t be accomplished!

Life’s Hard

000SP-29_2 000SP-30_1

It’s much too easy to wallow in your own self-pity then it is to actively change it! I’m so tired of seeing so many people bitch & complain about their lot in life, so this one was not merely a jab at them, but a reminder that if you want something, you better work your ass off to get it! Bc in the end, the reaper’s coming! This is another Hand-Drawn piece that I linked up with the very talented Nick Munster to bring to life.

Natural Born Skeptics

000SP-23_1 000SP-24_2

Truth is so convoluted these days. With so many differing points of view and the “facts” to back it up, it becomes crucial to keep a Skeptical open-minded view on any ideal you may be faced with. I made this one for those of us that take NOTHING at face value as it is truly at the heart of what this brand represents. Question EVERYTHING!

If you haven’t already, hit the SHOP to cop all of these pieces!

Thank you for tuning in!



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“Anger” S/S 16 Lookbook

Anger is one of the most compelling forces for change. When internalized, it drives us to take hold of the reigns of this existence, to self-analyze and to act. Moving beyond the self, the pages of history are filled with countless examples of its commanding power. This is the essence of this collection. We’re living in turbulent times. Use Anger constructively, and there’s NOTHING that can’t be accomplished on a personal or social level!


Summer7Summer1 num2summer19Summer18Summer11Summer12Summer30Summer26

The “Anger” collection will be available in the SHOP on 6/3/16!

Models: Mike & Daniel

Photography: Cassandra


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“Camo Over Everything” Release!

Ahead of our oncoming Summer launch, I decided to unearth a little something extra for you. Reprints of our popular Camo Cargo shorts & 5-panels are available toPre-Order once again, but this time in some new colorways. As if that wasn’t enough you get another shot at our Camo backpacks. Check it:


Woodland Camo


Arctic Camo2155-hr1


Coyote Brownrothco-bdu-shorts-66212-coyote-brown

5-Panels w/ Leather Strapback 

Woodland Camo


Autumn Camo


Snow CamoSNOW


234_-_Final239_-_Final 238_-_final

All Pre-ordered Backpacks & Cargo-Shorts also include a FREE Lapel pin:


Pre-orders will only be up for a little over a week so DON’T SLEEP! Hit the SHOP to scope the details on Sizing & Ship dates!



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Back again with a monthly roundup of your tagged photos. Keep em coming: Instagram Twitter Facebook Tumblr #stillproudclothing
























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Athena’s Grace-Deathwish


Been a minute since we’ve had a video appearance but peep the latest Athena’s Grace comeback vid & check singer Nicolea rocking our Camo jacket. RESPECT!


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Can you believe that 2015 closes out our 6th year in business? Me neither! To sum up 2015, it was the year of reprints. To recap, I brought back a total of 17 T’s/ Tanktops,  2 Hoodies & an assortment of Headware & Premium items throughout the year. When you’re in business for this long & constantly focused on new gear, you often get a lot of “Can you bring this back?” or “I’m waiting for this design…” and I wanted to give some of our OG supporters (as well as you noobies) another shot at some of our raddest pieces.  Here’s what we reupped on:

T’s & Tanks

unnamed (3) unnamed (14) IMG_9535 unnamed unnamed (4) eyr-graf-full-front  IMG_8007 product shots 009 unnamed (21)unnamed (23)SPH_6438 (1)SPH_6441_1A Easy EditNation back copyRemSred front copyRemS Back copyIMG_1985_2 copyraglanfrontzoomrag2toneback


000SP-41_1 000SP-42_1000SP-43_1 000SP-44_2


000SP-45_1 000SP-46_1ApprovedVendorZooms (1)ApprovedVendorZooms

Premium Line 

230Winter teaser

We also made our way into some videos over the year:

And even added another lifer to the crew:


2015 wasn’t much of a year for new releases but I did fit in a Summer & 6 year collection. Rest assured, 2016 will make up for it! Our Spring/ Summer drop’s finalized and I’m already working on Winter as well as some other surprise releases along the way, so stay tuned on those!

Before I close out, THANK YOU all for keeping SP afloat! It truly means the world to have your backing and without you, none of this is possible! On that note, GET READY FOR SOME HEAT!


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Next Wave of Reprints…

Much as I did at the start of 2015, I decided to close out the year with another batch of Reprints! Going all the way back to 2011, I’m bringing back 4 long out of print designs:

Never Give In Raglan (circa 2013)

RAGLAN BACK RAGLAN FRONT FINAL copy raglanfrontzoomrag2toneback

Defend Hip-hop (Circa 2012, Also available in a Tank-top for the first time)

IMG_1970_2 copy IMG_1976_2 IMG_1985_2 copy

Remain Steadfast T-Shirt/ Tanktop (circa 2012)

RemSred front copyIMG_0814 copy RemS Back copy

Nation T-Shirt (circa 2011)

A Easy Edit Nation back copyNation upclose

Pre-orders are only up until 1/8/15 & will ship out by 1/25/15. If you Pre-order now you can grab these for $17 (Shirts/ tanks) or $20 (Baseball T’s). Hit the SHOP & don’t sleep, again…



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A big thank you to everyone around the globe for holding us down! Here’s a roundup of your tagged photos, KEEP IT UP:39068aaa-ea89-411b-af6d-27dd6dec6d2f:

IMG_2289 IMG_2422 IMG_2471 IMG_2540 IMG_2685 IMG_2763 IMG_2774 IMG_2790 IMG_2813 IMG_2956 IMG_3049 IMG_3089 IMG_3270 IMG_3393 IMG_3593 IMG_3604 IMG_3642 IMG_2198


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Behind The Scenes & What’s To Come…


So you’ve seen little updates from us lately and may be wondering, what the hell? The truth is, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes the past few months, so allow me to go into a little detail.

First, on a personal level, I found out a couple months ago that I’m going to be a DAD!!!


It’s pretty crazy to think that I’ll have another life on my hands,  but I’m VERY EXCITED nonetheless to embark on this journey with the love of my life! As to be expected, there’s A LOT to plan & many things to consider when bringing up a child so as you can imagine, I’ve been a little busy in that realm.

It also didn’t help that my laptop got rained on & ruined so that also set me back, but I’m stoked to now be on TEAM MAC!

unnamed (2)Besides all of this, I’ve been working a lot more, trying to enjoy my surroundings (maybe a little too much) all the while dealing & working through some internal struggles with the brand which I’ll elaborate more on at the end of the year. Don’t worry though, because we’re not going anywhere but up from here!

Now, what’s going on with SP for the rest of the year G? Truth is,  amongst everything going on I’ve been sketching and planning A LOT! In the past, I’d have some ideas mapped out about a season in advance & would operate from that. When you run a brand (for the most part) all by yourself, you often times can stretch yourself too thin. From coming up with ideas, to getting them printed, to “marketing” them and making sure you have enough cash coming in (to keep operating), it can be too much at times. So, being the control freak that I am, I’m taking more of a pro-active role in our future releases by mapping them out in advance (a little farther out) so that I can get them out earlier in line with the seasons; to also save my sanity from being behind. While I originally intended to put out a whole new collection for Winter, I won’t be able to. What I will do though, is bring back some popular designs like I did at the start of the year.

On Monday (9/28), you will see the return of our Premium Winter jackets & Ski-masks which will be available as Pre-Orders. They will be up in the shop for a week so DON’T SLEEP, as if I decide to print a couple more they will be VERY limited! I’ll assess this once all orders are in, but the only way to guarantee your piece’s if you take advantage of the Pre-Order!


Once our Premium line is done & ordered, I’ll then drop our Winter Reprints. These will also be available to Pre-Order and once again, the only way to guarantee your gear is to get it ahead of time! I’m starting to go the way of Pre-orders (for select releases) as it is more of a custom process for you & furthermore saves me some cash to work on new gear (as opposed to having extra gear on hand sitting around). Unlike our typical Winter drops, this years won’t be a large release. As mentioned before, I’m currently in the planning phase of 2016 and have been waiting to re-release some of our past pieces for a while, so the time’s now! Look out for at least 3 designs to be reprinted and maybe in the meantime I’ll sneak peek which ones I’m referring too. But, if you’ve been with us through the years, you probably already know which ones are making a comeback…

So, I’m gearing up for a nice end to 2015 and an even better 2016, thank you for your continued support!

Until next time,


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