“OPPOSITION” Winter 16 Lookbook

The signs are all around us. It’s in the articles we read, the overall sentiment of the coffee-talk conversations you overhear, and at times so seemingly thick in the air we breathe. Past the glitz & glamour of pop-culture and the mindless control of mainstream media, there’s turmoil surrounding us. Injustice & oppression are everyday news and it’s something we see so much on a never-ending basis that we’ve become immune to it. Something has to change, and this collection embodies our stand. Join the OPPOSITION:


opposition-coverimg_8097img_8158 img_8209img_8193img_8213img_8256img_8272-copyimg_8297img_8330img_8300img_8344

The “Opposition” collection will be available in the SHOP on Friday (12/2/16)! Sizes are limited, DON’T SLEEP!

Model: Josh

Photography: Cassandra



About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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2 Responses to “OPPOSITION” Winter 16 Lookbook

  1. fitch says:

    that hoodie, hell yea!!

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