Can you believe that 2015 closes out our 6th year in business? Me neither! To sum up 2015, it was the year of reprints. To recap, I brought back a total of 17 T’s/ Tanktops,  2 Hoodies & an assortment of Headware & Premium items throughout the year. When you’re in business for this long & constantly focused on new gear, you often get a lot of “Can you bring this back?” or “I’m waiting for this design…” and I wanted to give some of our OG supporters (as well as you noobies) another shot at some of our raddest pieces.  Here’s what we reupped on:

T’s & Tanks

unnamed (3) unnamed (14) IMG_9535 unnamed unnamed (4) eyr-graf-full-front  IMG_8007 product shots 009 unnamed (21)unnamed (23)SPH_6438 (1)SPH_6441_1A Easy EditNation back copyRemSred front copyRemS Back copyIMG_1985_2 copyraglanfrontzoomrag2toneback


000SP-41_1 000SP-42_1000SP-43_1 000SP-44_2


000SP-45_1 000SP-46_1ApprovedVendorZooms (1)ApprovedVendorZooms

Premium Line 

230Winter teaser

We also made our way into some videos over the year:

And even added another lifer to the crew:


2015 wasn’t much of a year for new releases but I did fit in a Summer & 6 year collection. Rest assured, 2016 will make up for it! Our Spring/ Summer drop’s finalized and I’m already working on Winter as well as some other surprise releases along the way, so stay tuned on those!

Before I close out, THANK YOU all for keeping SP afloat! It truly means the world to have your backing and without you, none of this is possible! On that note, GET READY FOR SOME HEAT!



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