Behind the Mic: Scott Vogel of TERROR Interview


When I picked up the first TERROR record many years ago, I was immediately hooked! Over the last 13 years, TERROR has built an unbreakable legacy the world over, and is no doubt one of the forerunners of modern day Hardcore. So when I was able to  catch up with Scott (vocals) for this interview, I was beyond stoked! Fresh off the release of the 25th Hourwe talk Hardcore, the reality of life as a touring musician, and most importantly what inspires/motivates Scott. Enjoy!

SP: First off, Congrats on the recent release of “The 25th Hour!”  It’s only been out for a few weeks now, how has the response been thus far? It seems like everyone is really into this record. The overall vibe I am getting is people really like the direction and overall style and sound on this one. The lyrics are darker and the songs are rawer and hit harder. We are never going be a band that sells a ton of records or anything like that, but we are blessed with a fan base all over the world that feels our music.

SP: Give us some insight on how the Terror collective wrote for this record. Did you guys set out with a certain sound or idea and build from that, or just jam out? And lyrically, did you already have the message and concept mapped out, or did the music tie it all together? I sent an email out to the band over a year ago with the general idea I had for this one and the title The Twenty Fifth Hour. I just felt it was the right time for an album like this. Darker and harder. Taking away all the elements of really worrying about writing great songs and just making this one as pure as possible. And lyrically, I wanted to get away from the good/happy stuff and come with another side of me: The internal anger.

SP: Looking back on all of your work, do you have a favorite Terror record? That’s really hard to say. They all hold a really special place. They all have good memories and some bad associated with each. Lowest of the Low really came out full force and put us on the map. But with each record I feel Terror always brings something that has meaning and life to it. Right now I would say the new record is my favorite. It’s a great record and I love the art and recording etc.


SP: You’ve been involved in the Hardcore scene for the greater part of your life, and the enthusiasm that you give off is infectious. What is it about Hardcore music that’s kept you in the game for so long? When I first found hardcore it took me in, big time! It was all I really cared about. All the sports I was playing and everything else didn’t matter anymore. And that never really stopped. The friendships I have now are worldwide. The community and spirit of hardcore is with me in almost everything I do. I still believe and care and also love the little things like seeing new bands and hearing demos.

SP: Having been a fan of Hardcore for many years, I’ve often grappled with this question: What is Hardcore? Is it a set of ideals or a certain sound and since so many bands are blurring the lines these days & crossing over the “boundaries,” has not made it any easier to define. Seeing as you have a bit of credibility in this realm, what is Hardcore to you? Very hard question to answer but in the simplest terms hardcore is getting in your car and driving for hours to another city to see a band that only draws 100 people and sounds like what your average person would call “loud noise. ” It’s the feeling it gives you and the message it teaches that draws you there, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

SP: Fans often see a record come out or go to a show without the slightest idea of the sacrifice and dedication it took on the artist’s behalf. For those of us who have put out music on our own, all know that life as a touring musician is tough (ESPECIALLY in the underground). Describe the reality of this crazy life that your average fan has no idea of? One thing that is very hard as I get older is you never have any space or time to yourself. You live in a van with dudes. Eat with dudes. You’re at the venue with dudes and then the crowd shows up. And then to the hotel (if we are lucky ) with dudes. That cycle over and over for months. You have to compromise on everything: where you go and when you do it. On the other hand, you are taken away from the ones you love and the people you leave back home. Not much money is being made. Flying has become something I hate due to so much traveling. It’s really easy to complain and focus on the downside, but I’m still here cause I love and need this!

SP: What’s the glue that has kept Terror together these last 13 years? Finding a solid lineup 8 or so years ago and sticking through all the rough times. It’s been a wild ride for sure but we are still having fun and making music with a pulse.

SP: Over the last few years I’ve seen some rad collabs of Terror with notable streetwear brands like Black Scale, Tradition boutique & Well Fed. How did these come about and are there any more in the works?  Actually, we have two new Black Scale designs coming out soon, and Well Fed just did a cool line for the song mind at war. These are friends who we really love and it’s really cool to be part of these collaborations. Their art and style mashed up with Terror lyrics is always a cool outcome.


SP: 5 bands or artists that changed my life?

Gang Starr



Gorilla Biscuits

Hot Water Music


SP: What are 2 pieces of advice you’d give to aspiring musicians looking to accomplish all that you have? Lead, don’t follow. Do what you feel and don’t try to be the next big thing. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box.

SP: Aside from all things Terror, are there any activities that we’d be surprised to find Scott up too? I like plants. I love going hiking or riding my bicycle. I’m getting more and more into following Boxing. Not into the beach much which people can’t understand. I love peanut butter. I’m pretty laid back these days. Staying out of trouble and laying low

SP: Terror’s released 7 studio albums, toured the globe with countless bands, played the largest festivals, what’s next on the horizon? More of the same. We are pretty comfortable where we are. We are shooting for the stars. More shows and touring. I’m sure ideas for new songs will come, but pretty much more of the same.

SP: Any last words/shout-outs or rants? I saw this band called Fury from California last week and they were really good, check them out. I also really like Malfunction and Forced Order for new bands. I have a new project called World Be Free coming out soon. Lastly, take care of each other. The world is a fucked up place, try to better it and yourself to balance the odds against the ugly earth we walk.

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