2014: A Year in Review

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Where to start. 2014 has been one big crazy year for me personally & a year of firsts for SP. In June, I packed up my bags, girlfriend (not in a bag, I swear), pup, & moved from FL (where I lived for the last 22 years) to my original place of birth on Maui (Hawaii). I left behind so many good friends & memories all because I felt like a change was in order (and hell, I missed my family & surfing). Another pinnacle reason was to be able to focus more on building up SP. The transition has been a bit challenging with all things considered, but I’m excited to say that we’re finally getting our lives situated & accustomed to a slower pace of life in HI.

Now, enough personal shit, on to the crux of this post: SP. Moving 6,000 miles away afforded some challenges in & of itself. We had to learn how to shoot & edit our own photos as we had been relying on Tampa based photographers & didn’t really know anyone out here to take over those duties. It was a bit frustrating at first but with some guidance, we managed to knock out a couple releases by ourselves which not only made us more self-reliant, but also saved some $ which when you’re operating a small business, is always a good thing!

On the topic of firsts, I  dropped a lot of new items which included Cargo-shorts & Winter jackets. I also introduced our first Hawaii release which offered a slightly different look for us with floral patterned caps, custom pocket T’s & Hawaii centric gear. 2014 also saw us celebrating our 5th year in business  which crept up on me. It really put things into perspective & made me want to push the envelope even harder in 2015. We also delved a little into video production & with our Winter release put out our first video lookbook which was exciting. At the end of the day we put out 15 T’s, 1 Tanktop/ B-ball jersey, 2-Hats/ 5-panels, 2 Pullover hoodies/ Winter Jackets, 2 Cargo Shorts, 3 Beanies & 1 Windbreaker.

In 2015, my goals are to: offer a lot more new items, reprint a bunch of classics, release more videos & also to establish and build our presence locally throughout the islands. I have A LOT of exciting new releases in the works & it will be a very busy year for the brand, you can believe that! Before I conclude this post I just want to give a BIG thank you for your support in 2014! I put so much into this & to know that I have your backing means more than you know!

P.s: Hit the shop to come up on our Mystery Box Sale to save some cash & help me make way for new stock!

new year 2015 written in sand

2015, GET READY!




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