Molokai Trip


Known as the “Friendly Isle,” Molokai’s a quaint, tight knit community of Hawaiian’s just shy of 7,000. What it may lack in numbers, Molokai more than makes up for it with its warm atmosphere & endless shakkas.  I’ve been back & fourth over the years (as my dad was born & raised) but at the thought of meeting new family & showing my lady a more authentic HI experience, I couldn’t pass up my dads offer. So for the weekend, we set off for some family time, exploration, & of course ONO (delicious) island soul food. Molokai at a glance:

011009Poi, which is made from Taro, is one of those Hawaiian staple foods that many outsiders don’t get due to its bland taste, but we don’t mind. If you’re in the islands, give it a try!IMG_8091If you’re going to eat meat, knowing where it comes from & how it was prepared is one of the most crucial aspects. Kalua pig is another Hawaiian staple where the pig is cooked in an “Imu” (underground oven) for at least a day. What results is one of the best damn things on the planet akin to cuban shredded pork for those of you wondering what it’s like. Another must try if you’re a fellow carnivore. IMG_8094This is the Lin-kee family which I’m related to via my dads maternal side. I had never met most of them up to this point & it was good times all around catching up over the weekend! Shouts to the cuzzos for that bomb Molokai homegrown 🙂0421In no particular order: poi, kalua pig, venison skewers, poke, lomi lomi salmon, crab, potato/mac salad & white rice, too many feels…IMG_8112Hawaiian style breakfast: pancakes, scrambled eggs, fried rice & portugese sausageIMG_8115This is Halawa valley falls. A 40 minute hike through the jungle & a river or two to one of the greatest waterfalls I had ever seen. This one’s typically off the beaten path & is invite only as the falls border two families property’s.

unnamedHalawa from afar041East side0641IMG_80950091Phallic Rock 071063It’s been real Molokai, malamapono a hui hou (take care, until we meet again)! IMG_8137G-SP


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