It’s Good to be HOME!


The last 3 months of life have been CHAOTIC (for both me and my lady)! Between selling all of our apartment furniture, transporting my dog & car, packing and saying goodbye’s to all of our friends & family, let’s just say that we were drained. But through all of the sweat & frustrations, when our airplane door closed a smile came across my face as I knew we had done it and in due time we’d be in paradise.

I had been away (save for Summer trips here and there) from Hawaii for 22 years and when we landed, I couldn’t believe that I was finally home! We traded a faster paced life, convenience & the same old same old for the gentle vibe of Island life, which for anyone unaccustomed to it, is very slow & chill. Having been here now slightly over a week, we’ve just been kicking back, expanding our minds, enjoying the beach & food & hiking which has been a nice payment for our moving troubles.

Due to the demands of the move, I took a little time off from SP and the blog but now that we’re here I’ll be updating more frequently as I want to show you a more in-depth look at Hawaiian life & culture, so stay tuned for more updates. On the new release front, I have a couple drops in the works so stay tuned for more updates on those as they come. Before we get to some visuals, be sure to check out my ladies new blog Maui Wowie Life as you just might find me in a couple episodes as well! Here’s a little glimpse of life on Maui:

No shoes here brah!


Relax more, life ain’t so bad…photo5 photo1To life and the pursuit of happinessphoto7photo10Expansion of consciousness, not a better place for it…photo4From Maui, with lovephoto8First delicious meal on the island: Loco Mocophoto2After being away from my pops for so long, I can’t explain how good it feels to just be an island away now! photo2_1Kahlua Pig sliders, sooooo ONO!photo6Just finding a bit of serenity067Hawaiian BBQ>photo1_1White choc chip Mac nut pancakes >photo1_2Our sunsets will NEVER get old!photo5_1



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6 Responses to It’s Good to be HOME!

  1. I lived on the island of Oahu for 11 years.
    Miss it greatly…….

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