Canada, Eh


This was my first experience in a large Canadian city, and it was AWESOME! As a kid, we’d periodically trek up to northern Ontario in the middle of nowhere to our family cabin. So wilderness, outhouses, fishing & gorgeous scenery were the only things of this huge country I had seen. But this, this trip was much different so back on topic. We headed up to CA (namely Pickering) so I could meet my girlfriends moms side of the family and to celebrate her grandmas big 80. The family outings were sweet as her family’s MASSIVE and really made me wish I had such a large one. So if you do, cherish that shit! Besides the gatherings, we trekked around Toronto, ate some AMAZING food & also caught an interesting set from the Gaslamp Killer.

The one thing that stood out to me as we trekked through the city is how nice & happy the folks were. People were smiling, social & actually interested in another human beings presence. America, step your shit up! I mean hell, you could even walk around toking a J and no one even batted an eye (not that I would do that or anything…). It was a very short trip (4 evenings) and the perfect little breather before we batten down the hatches and depart for island life. With that being said, enjoy these visuals and send me some POUTINE:

As an avid coffee drinker, I approve of Tim Horton’s brew

003007Gravy, cheese curds & french fries. To the French, we salute you!

027DSC06859Sub selfie interlude011017The Korean BBQ was ON POINT, SON!018Our stoop homies028012That’s how many bodies were at the party, and this was taken early…035The Guyanese know how to curry!031Do you even Liter, bro? I might be a little **** in this one…008013

Thanks for the memories Canada, stay polite!



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