Where’s Gavin?

Hey folks,

You’ve probably noticed my lack of “substantial” posts lately both here and on our Social Media outlets with the”Buy this” “Buy that” jargon from our recent sales and wondered, what’s going on with SP. First, Sorry for those and believe me I don’t like constantly pushing product so much but when you have inventory on hand and new gear coming in, it’s a necessary evil of “business.”

Anyhow, it’s been very busy around the SP office (apartment) & life for that matter. Besides a lot of over time at the 9-5 (yes, I still work one of those things), 2 weeks after the new year my external hard drive which had 8 years of data (personal & SP related), decided to self destruct and crash.photo

Luckily though, I was able to find a computer wizard and he worked his magic and recovered the data, but it still set me back a bit sorting through 120 gigs of info (which i’m still doing here and there to date).

What other time I have had has been devoted to getting all of these orders out and on that note THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support on our Sales:


And that (whining aside) leads me to what I really wanted to talk about: what we’ve got in the works. Our Spring line just finished printing and is en route through the polar vortex to my door step and I’ll hopefully be able to shoot it over the weekend. My OG heads will be thrilled with this one as I mostly brought back some of those older classics you’ve grown to love. More info to come on that front! Aside from our Spring drop, I’ve been working on our 5 year release which is absolutely going to BANG! I’m still figuring out the specs but I’m thinking sometime in early April would be the ideal time to drop it, we’ll see:


Lastly, head over to the shop as I put up some combo deals to help us clear out what’s left!

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks…




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