Behind the Release: Sons of Tyranny Winter 13

sp_winter13_coverI’ve always thought of us as doing things a little different from your average brand. One of the main differences being that our pieces are driven by an underlying message as opposed to a simple logo or slogan. That’s certainly not talking shit on the former as some do it well but with SP I’d rather sell you an idea then something to match your shoes. But I don’t think I really have to tell you guys that as most of you should know this by now. With our Winter release I wanted to convey a sense of desperation. Playing off of the Sons of Liberty, I flipped it to tyranny because that is what we are currently at war with more so today than any other time in America’s history.  And If you’re truly paying attention to current affairs, then you’re already well aware of this. So allow me to take you piece by piece on the hunt for the truth:


SPH_6438 (1)SPH_6441

The average joe will think that this T’s a diss to America. Far from the truth, an inverted flag symbolizes discontent for the current political atmosphere. I used the Goethe quote on the back to hammer the idea that there’s an illusion of freedom that we tend to have in this country. Year by year, administration by administration our rights as free individuals are being diminished i.e the Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA (to name a few). And most just wander blindly thinking that this “freedom” we have, is guaranteed and absolute. It’s not, and if we don’t take notice of the messages that our founding fathers warned of, we’re sheep for the slaughter.


SPH_6393 The Gadsden snake is an icon I’ve wanted to use for a long time and it fit perfectly with this release due to it’s heavy Americana influence. The words you’ve seen us use before (Never Give Up, Never Give In) we’re also used to hammer home the idea that no matter how hard the power structure pushes us, we will not relinquish!



I’ve always been fascinated by Riot photos. To see people so moved by injustice that they’re willing to fight against the opposition is both refreshing & frightening to see. I came across this photo originally on the cover of Vice magazine & was immediately drawn to its defiant nature. When everything you love crumbles around you, when will you say enough is enough? Thanks to Stuart Griffiths  for working with us!

Greed Rules


Playing off of popular Wu-Tang verbiage “Cash Rules Everything  Around Me,” this one’s meant to address the real problem in society: greed. Hand drawn by Menace.


SPH_6382 (1)

Government seals have always peaked my interest due to the esoteric nature of most. This one was born out of disdain for the performance of the highest office in the land.


SPH_6443 SPH_6444zSPH_6448hood

The majority of our pieces are message based but with this one  I wanted something a bit more graphically oriented. Taking our popular icons (inverted crown & torch) & meshing it with a more familiar pattern seemed like the route to go and by the response, I’ll say it was a hit. Look out for more pieces like this in the future.



Because we have supporters all around the planet, this piece represents that. Except this is not a violent conquest but one of IDEAS.



Just a simple piece with the main principles that I operate this company by: Independence, Achievement, Defiance & Integrity

Occupy Minds

SPH_6426 SPH_6430

To create awareness & unlock minds, it’s what we’re here to accomplish.

Crafted in Discontent


It’s discontent for one’s surroundings & a longing for fulfillment that power the greatest social movements & personal changes. It was this discontent that ultimately lead to the creation of Still Proud. Nearly 5 years later, who knew that so many around the world would resonate!

All of these pieces are currently on-sale for 50% off when you use “CHILL” at checkout. DON’T SLEEP on sizes as they are moving!

Thanks for tuning in!



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