Winter Launch Wrap Up

Merry pre-Christmas or _____ (fill in the blank with your holiday word of choice). Sorry for the neglect of posting on the blog but finding the time & patience recently, hasn’t been the easiest. Our Winter release really kicked my ass! After getting back from Hawaii in late October I literally haven’t slowed down since. But I managed to pull through it all & drop what I believe to be our best release to date! Thank you all for keeping me busy! It’s not the easiest endeavor running a line & taking risks with money but I’m grateful for your support over the holiday season.

Before we depart, check out the following blog mentions of the Winter drop: Swag Syndicate, Fkn Famous, The Wild Styles, Modern Life, Dopamine & CLP


Now for some visual evidence of the madness:

photoI must have sown tags on 100 pieces…photo_5

Harvestphoto_2 photo_3 photo_6 photo_7unnamed

The traditional post-launch mealphoto_8

Happy Holidays to all!



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