Behind the Release: Most Hated Summer 13

The Most Hated collection was our 5th Summer release to date.  It surpassed all previous Summer drops in terms of the qty of pieces released with:  5 graphic tees, 3 tank-tops, 2 Snapbacks, 2-5-panels and our first pair of Gym shorts. As I was piecing the line together, my main idea was to fuse the two most obvious messages behind the brand into one cohesive unit. The two messages I’m referring to are self-empowerment & defiance against the established order. Typically, my Behind the Design pieces are separated in different posts but for the sake of time this one has them all. So let’s get it started:


SPH_0517 SPH_0520 SPH_0530

As our reach to different continents grows with each drop, I wanted to have a universal design that all of us could recognize and stand behind. What does the “resistance” refer to? It’s resisting societal and governmental restrictions to conform to the “worker bee” mentality devoid of individualism. This was also the first time we used arctic camo in a print. Rad!

Amongst Sheep

SPH_0550 SPH_0575SPH_0608

This one has a dual meaning. On one hand it stands for the unrelenting pursuit of what you want to obtain but for those political skeptics out there, you’ll find something else. Let’s briefly tackle both: In the first interpretation, the image of the wolf is used to represent those of us who aggressively pursue that which we want and the reference to sheep refers to our apathetic population that merely goes along to get along. In the second,  “Sheeple” is a popular term in the “conspiracy” circle referring to those who are clueless as to what’s really going on in society. This is where the reference to sheep comes to play and the lone wolf image stands for those individuals who question everything.

Most Hated

 SPH_0540 SPH_0548 SPH_0569 When working to accomplish great things, we are first under-rated in our abilities and subsequently hated along the way by envious eyes.  In the words of Jamey Jasta “It’s our struggles that define us, and the hardships we endure.” Fuck the haters!



SPH_0662 One for the underdogs, keep pushing forward in all that you do!

Camo Logo

SPH_0511 SPH_0521

Seeing as most of our designs are quite message oriented, I wanted to switch it up and offer a more basic tee for the more basic tastes out there. Plus, camo’s fucking rad! Word?


As some of our most popular designs from last Summer, I decided to bring these back but this time on a tanktop:


SPH_0624 SPH_0640 (1) SPH_0646

This one can best be summed up with a clip from one of my favorite movies. Stand strong and stay true your convictions at all costs!

Defiant Hearts

SPH_0595 SPH_0616

Refuse to take things at face value. Resist ignorance and injustice. Empower yourself and community with knowledge! This is the essence of what this piece is about. Oh, and fuck the Illuminati!


SPH_0630SPH_0631 SPH_0653

You either love or hate this piece. ACAB is an acronym for All Cops Are Bastards and if you want a little historical background on it, check this.


Achieve Snapback

acheivefront SPH_0669 SPH_0670

Never give up in the pursuit of a more meaningful life! Only 15 were printed…

Defy Snapback

defyfront SPH_0673 SPH_0674

Never give in to what society dictates, go your own path! Only 15 were printed…

MVMT 5-Panels

khakifront SPH_0517camo SPH_0517camofront

Last winter I dropped our first run of 5-panels which went over very well. So I decided to re-release them in new colors and keeping the same classic logo. The panels have a low profile and these new ones are actually a little more durable then the last. Only 12 made in each color, don’t sleep!

Logo Shorts

1SPH_0697 SPH_0697 (1)

After nearly 3 years of requests, I finally gave in! They are very comfortable and printed on Champion shorts, so you know they’re legit!

Thanks for tuning in, hit the shop here or here to cop all of the limited pieces (and more)!



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