65883_10151354847083184_624249421_nFood & a romantic atmosphere are the first things that come to mind to most individuals when they think of Italy. However, lurking behind that dreamy state is a ferocious metal-hardcore outfit known as Awaken Demons. One listen to their latest demo is all it takes for it to become glaringly obvious that these fellas mean business. I had the pleasure to catch up with Nick (Bass) to flesh out how all of this began, what it takes, and more importantly what the future holds for these passionate, hardworking individuals. Check it:

SP: How did the name come about & is there any significance to it?

NICK: Basically, back in the day we were thinking about names and we ended with Awaken Demons as we were listening to “wake the demons” (Full Blown Chaos ), that’s pretty much it.

SP: Given the average lifespan of a hardcore band, having accomplished 3 full length albums & worldwide touring all within 5 YEARS is quite impressive! What’s the glue that holds Awaken Demons together & what keeps you hungry for more?

NICK: We are not a full time band. We have jobs to survive like everybody else BUT we try to do the best we can to keep this band active with as many shows as possible. It’s the passion for hardcore that keeps us hungry, even after 6 years we still have a lot of fun traveling for shows and meeting new people…that’s what keeps us alive.


SP: You recently signed with BDHW and are working on a new record entitled “Hell ain’t hard to find.” How did that deal come about and what can we expect from you on this latest release?

NICK: Basically we just sent our new ep to BDHW and Toni (the owner) replied back with positive feedback and an interest to release our next record. He is a real cool guy and we are very excited to put this record out with BDHW.

Well, to be honest, this record is going to be amazing! We’re putting a lot of energy, passion and dedication into those songs which are coming out great. We’re leaving the “metal-core” style of music and we’re embracing more of the “classic” heavy hardcore sound. We took a lot of inspiration from all of the hardcore bands that have influenced us over the last 6 years and are very proud how the songs are coming out. It’s 12 tracks which feature a couple special guests:  Matthi of Nasty, Steve of Annotations of an Autopsy plus more TBA.

SP: When I think Italy, hard core’s the last thing that comes to mind ha. Is there anything about your country that’s specifically shaped you musically? Tell us about the scene there?

NICK: Yeah man, you are right. When you think about Italy you might think about eating in a good restaurant by the sea or whatever but forget about the hardcore scene. The scene here has been dead since 03. No one gives a damn about anything and anyone unless you’re A Day To Remember. People here don’t support underground music BUT we love playing outside Italy, Europe is amazing and we’re very happy and proud to be able to play there.

SP: As consumers we tend to see the final product and not the hustle & many sacrifices that went into creating it. Shed some light on what it’s like to be in a band on the road & what can we find each of you doing to stay afloat aside from AD?

NICK: We don’t just play in AD for a living; I’ve been a professional graphic designer for 10 years, 2 other members study music academy and another one has a job as well. We all try to fit AD in our lives just because we love it, it takes a lot of dedication & passion but it’s been a big part of us since 2007. I’m sure without those two aspects (dedication & passion) you can’t survive because today it’s really hard to create a fan base and sell records. If you don’t sacrifice something you won’t get anything that is unless you have a big deal hahahah.


SP: Having toured many countries what’s been your favorite place so far and where do you have your eyes set next?

NICK: In every city we’ve played we get a lot of respect, even if there weren’t a lot of people. Our eyes are set on Europe (again), Japan and hopefully USA (hardcore shows in the US are awesome).

SP: What’s life like on the road for Awaken Demons: boring or party central?

NICK: We always try to party hard after a show but when you have 13 hours to drive the day after, you just go to sleep right after the show haha.

SP: Worst and greatest moment on tour?

NICK: The worst is when your van breaks down on the highway and you lose 4 hours to fix the problem. We’ve only broken down once and it was a pain in the ass because it was Sunday and every garage was closed. The best times are when the show and after party are great, you don’t need anything more.

SP: Hardcore’s a very open for interpretation ideal, what does it mean to you?

NICK: Like I said before, hardcore to us is: Passion, Dedication, Love and Sacrifice. It’s much more than heavy music to us and is also a great way to meet people, that is how we met our good friends in Pay No Respect, the Ghost Inside and more.


SP: What is it about Still Proud that caught your interest?

NICK: Besides being very accurate and fantastic, SP promotes their artists well. I’ve always admired each collection and what he did for his artists and I didn’t hesitate to contact Gavin, who is, among other things, a great guy.

SP: That about concludes it homie, any shoutouts you’d like to throw out into the blogosphere?

NICK: Thanks to Gavin and Still Proud for this great interview and for his precious support. Don’t forget to like us on facebook or follow us on twitter and look out for our new record because it’ll blow your fucking mind, I promise!! Also, follow us on Facebook & Twitter.




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