Still Proud Welcomes KONCEPT to the Family!


Hip-hop and fashion have had a symbiotic relationship from the get, and when the energy’s there, it’s an eclectic mix. With that being said I’m very stoked to welcome on board the verbal wordsmith: KONCEPT! In just over the last few years, this NY based artist’s been honing his craft and creating some of the realest material out there. Whether its destroying shows with Brown Bag Allstars, constantly holed up in the studio, or touring from Cali to Europe, this is one up and coming artist that’s about to take the whole game by storm!  Fresh off of winning the Red Bull Soundstage contest, Kon’s currently at work on his 2nd studio album and mark our words, BIG THINGS are in motion!

I first noticed Kon after randomly stumbling across his video for Change and was immediately hooked! After a couple exchanges over the years the rest is history. Be sure to follow Kon on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, his site and keep an eye out for an exclusive interview with him to drop next week!



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