4 Year Collection


Here we are again my friends, another year down & another year stronger. It’s quite crazy how the time flies when you’re doing something that you’re passionate about. Instead of thinking about months as seasons you envision the releases coming up that you can’t wait to drop & even your “free” time tends to veer into keeping this project afloat. The same excitement I had starting out of seeing a finished design or bringing a tub of orders to the Post Office, still thrills me to this day! Four years is a long time to give to something but even bigger than that is the commitment & appreciation I have to & for you! So nothing but thanks to all of you old or new who have copped something from our store, slapped a sticker around your town & spread the word to your friends. It’s very humbling to know that these ideas know no boundaries & that I can count on you.  Y’all are not just supporters, you’re family!

Since it has been four years since I took this shot, there have been a lot of requests over the years for some reprints, so for this release I decided to resurrect a few for you from our archives. The pieces are limited & who knows if they will ever be seen again, so DON’T SLEEP! Without further adieu, here’s our 4 year release which can be purchased here or here:

IMG_0649zoom IMG_0672zoom IMG_0675zoom IMG_0684zoom IMG_0693zoom IMG_0705zoom IMG_0711zoom IMG_0730zoom IMG_0752zoom IMG_0770zoom IMG_0791zoom IMG_0802zoom IMG_0816zoom IMG_0821zoom IMG_0841zoom IMG_1002zoom IMG_1013zoomIMG_0988zoom

IMG_0957zoom IMG_0984zoom

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5 Responses to 4 Year Collection

  1. Nice clothing. I love the passion you have for your work and all the hard work you put in. It definitely inspires me to push more and go after what I want. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with everything 🙂

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