Gearing Up

Sorry if the blog’s been as dry as a desert lately. A lot’s been going down as I prepare to move from my 1 bedroom apartment to begin the next chapter in life’s ever changing book. Let’s just say that prepping to move, sucks!

In other news, our Summer collection is almost completely designed but you’ll be happy to note that I’ve got another release (to hold you over) dropping VERY soon. What is this release you ask? This summer marks our 4th year in business (I know, FUCKING NUTS) so to celebrate I rekindled some of our most popular pieces and spread them out between two t-shirts & 3 tank-tops. I’m extremely stoked to put this out because y’all have been asking for some of these pieces for say, THE LAST 3 YEARS! I have a shoot lined up for today & I’m aiming to drop it within the first week of JUNE so you’ll definitely want to stay posted for that as the quantities are LIMITED! Stay tuned for some more posts leading up to the release but I’ve got to get off to shooting & just wanted to give you a little update that we’re still alive & kicking! Enjoy these pics of our recent happenings:

This is definitely a monument in this brands existence & I’m stoked to finally say that Still Proud’s OURS! Biters beware…

photo (14)Finally got around to watching this doc and it is a MUST SEE even if you’re remotely interested in Bob Marley, pshh, why wouldn’t you be…photo (4)It’s quite nostalgic what you find when gearing up for a move. Like this vintage snapback from WOODSTOCK 94!photo (5)And this picture of my very first band. Yes, I had long hair & my band’s name was Heaven backwards. \m/photo (3)Since our inception, this scale has weighed hundreds of your orders and unfortunately was pronounced dead last week. May we have a moment of silence for our fallen soldier…photo (9)Welcome our newest upgraded scale to the battle!photo (1)That new newphoto

photo (7)Can you guess which pieces we reprinted? Didn’t think so…photo (8)



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