Hammerfist “Isolation” E.P

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It’s been ages since I’ve reviewed a new release but when I was asked to scope Hammerfist’s latest EP, I couldn’t pass it up. HF has been tearing up the CA scene since 2004 and has released 2 ep.s (inc this one) & a full length to date.  In this day & age they are a dying breed of the tougher brand of hardcore from mid 2k (that I loved & grew up on) and “Isolation” is no doubt a testament to keeping that flame burning bright.

What sticks out to me the most from their past material is notably the speed & slightly more optimistic lyrics. Unlike many releases in this genre that tend to be very formulaic, “Isolation” jumps the gun & hits you with more than enough substance to keep you on your toes. Fast punk tempos give way to devastating breakdowns that are bound to have you visualizing total destruction of your surroundings in no time! Seeing as a lot of my favorite bands hail from Cali, this record screamed nostalgia and almost brought to mind the likes of These Days & older Hoods for those of you who love comparisons. The 6 tracks clock in just under 15 minutes but it doesn’t feel rushed like you’d expect, only hungry for more. HF may not be the most groundbreaking band but what they do know is hardcore, and that’s more than enough for me! The overall vibe of the record is very raw & genuine & it’s glaringly obvious that this is a band that does it solely for themselves & the community they helped to build.

Bottom line: Isolation’s a MUST COP! Whether you’re a HC OG or recent convert, you’ll find something in this EP to appreciate! The record officially drops 4/30/13 but can be pre-ordered here & also make sure you’re following them on Facebook to stay in the know! Take a look inside:

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Favorite track: Skin Change

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