NY State Of Mind

photo (12)

When my girl mentioned a couple months back about wanting to visit NJ/ NY for a family get together, it didn’t take much time for me to get on board! It had been years since I had been near the city & ever since then I was fiending to get back. We stayed in NJ for most of the trip which was great as it was my first time meeting most of her family & by sheer luck, our original day trip to NYC ended up being an amazing night after we fell into a room right across from none other then the WTC & ground zero(shouts to her cousins on that!). Being in NYC for me was such an eclectic experience. With so much culture & a plethora of amazing restaurants to sample, 1 1/2 days in the city was certainly not enough for me. This trip made me realize how much I’m aching to live in a place with such a diverse culture & way of life & further reinforced some big plans I’ve got in motion for next year. So without further adiue, step into a NY state of mind:

Right after landing our turning gear went out so we got a nice greeting from NJ’s finest
photo (3)

Give me access to snow & of course this is the result!

photo (15)

Masquerade party with open bar, shazaam!

photo (14)

Being that her families from Guyana they had the hookup on this amazing rum & I’m not even that big on rum but damn, this was good!photo (13)

This was the view from our hotel: overlooking the grounds & monument of the twin towers. During the day the view is breathtaking enough but at night, there are no words to describe it other then: emotional. It was intense!photo (9)

No trip can begin without some AMAZING coffee of which NYC has some of the best  hands DOWN!DSC00162


DSC00245 photo (2)

Got to hang out with some of my FL homies who now live in NYDSC00183Home of BOMB cannolis!



Of course you can’t fuck with NY streetart!photo (8)When in Rome, soup up!

DSC00246China town breeze through



photo (1)

NY pizza >>>>>>>photo (6)

photo (11)Central park stroll

DSC00240Strawberry Fields


I don’t really eat donuts but give me a famous place like this and i’m ALL OVER IT!DSC00218

photo (7)

It’s been real NY, hopefully see you sooner then later!2013032595125836G-SP


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