Spring Launch & Other Random Occurences

Hands down, this release was pretty damn exhausting to put out! This is mainly due to the fact that I had decided to learn the art of sewing our very first woven tags on select pieces (windbreaker & polo). I can be a bit of a control freak with all of this so by learning how to do it on my own I cut out a middleman, saved some money & opened the doors for new possibilities with this project.  It wasn’t exactly easy, but with the help of my wonderful girlfriend (thanks babe), we managed to get through 70 pieces within a few days. All in all, it was more of a bonding experience with the final product which is kind of cool.

Our first week went very well with the usual great number of orders to come in as well as your enthusiasm, kind words & support in spreading the word! This was one of the largest most cohesive releases so far so it was great to feel the love & support from y’all. Also, shouts to Hide Your Arms, FKN Famous & Jungle Gym Mag for the blog coverage! It was a long week but of course I had a little fun too and on that note, scope the visuals:

Still Proud sweat shop (she would agree)! It’s ok though, there was free water…

photo (16)

photo (20)My turn, flawless victory!

photo (15)

Entertainment Interlude

So stressed I had to sail away on this boat! Happy birthday to my lady!
photo (14)Made it out to the Cigar City Hunahpuh annual beer release. It was a MADHOUSE!

photo (21)You’re looking at a beer that’s periodically in the top ten brews of the globe & these bottles go for in upwards of $100 on Ebay! It’s only out once a year and thankfully I’m 15 minutes away from the brewery 🙂

photo (10)Got to catch my woman on her J.O.B taking pics of none other then: JUVENILE! And yes, she’s repping our hoody 🙂

photo (17)Caught a Meek Mill set. Dude’s pretty impressive live!

photo (18)Now that’s a F****** Bloody Mary!

photo (7)I don’t mess with fried chicken, but I will always make an exception for some gourmet Chicken & waffles at Ellas!

photo (9)Extra thanks to my lady for her assistance with sewing as well as her undying support in all that I do with SP!

photo (8)

End Entertainment Interlude, back to work…

Compiling the orders that came in over the week

photo (4)Shipment pt. 1

photo (6)Pt.2

photo (5)

Be sure to hit up our store & Karmaloop page to cop the pieces. Time to get to this Summer release.

Thanks for tuning in!



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