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There’s been a lot going on over the last few months. Between the shipping & receiving of our Winter & Crown reprints, business changes on the back-end & the plotting of 2013, it’s been a tad bit exhausting but more so exciting. 2012 was an awesome year for us which saw a lot of growth but mark my words, 2013 is bound to (excuse my french) bitch-slap  its predecessor!

In the past, our biggest releases (in terms of the volume of items we drop) were primarily during the Summer/ Winter months but as I thought about it more and more I realized how stupid that notion was.  In other words, I’m stepping our game up!

Our first release of the new year is Spring. To me, this will prove to be our most comprehensive release to date and if you weren’t listening before, you’re bound to feel it now! Up to bat we’ve got new 4 T’s (as well as 2 new raglans or baseball T’s as I like to call them), a new snap-back, windbreaker, and our very first….wait for it…POLO! We’re known for our T-shirts but one thing I really wanted to expand on this year is offering a more diverse set of products so keep an eye out for a lot of firsts from this camp coming in 2013 (including, yes, fitted hats).

Across the US our manufacturers are working hard on production and I’ve set our tentative release date to 3/4/13. Product has already started to come in and I’m expecting a lot next week so be sure to follow us on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr for updates, sneak-peaks & SALES (Use “Occupyminds” through Sunday for 35% off your order). Until then, peep game:




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