2012: A Year In Review


It’s unbelievable that 2012’s over already! We survived another year and an apocalypse so we must be doing something right, eh? Jokes aside, I can rightfully say that 2012 was the busiest year to date and it doesn’t appear that anything’s slowing down for 2013! 2012 saw us release the most products  and highest number of first time releases of any year before it ! Take a look at all the pieces we dropped:

IMG_8405zoom IMG_8280zoom IMG_8319zoom IMG_8331zoom IMG_8344zoom IMG_8346zoom IMG_8385zoom

IMG_2039zoom IMG_2053zoom IMG_2079zoom IMG_2085zoom IMG_2092zomm IMG_2102zoom IMG_2112zoom IMG_2123zoom IMG_2126zoom IMG_2132zoom IMG_2162zoom IMG_2172zoom IMG_2189zoom IMG_2196zoom IMG_2220zoom IMG_2228zoom IMG_2244zoom IMG_2257zoom IMG_2272zoom

IMG_7060zoom IMG_7047zoom IMG_7009zoom IMG_6994zoom IMG_6972zoom IMG_6964zoom

IMG_1630zoom IMG_1678zoom IMG_1688zoom IMG_1734zoom IMG_1751 1zoom IMG_1761zoom

IMG_1583zoom IMG_1598zoom IMG_1606zoom IMG_1765zoom IMG_1801zoom IMG_1872zoom IMG_1873zoom

IMG_1898zoom IMG_1934zoom

IMG_8462zoom2 IMG_8488zoom IMG_8549zoom IMG_8578zoom IMG_8591zoom

IMG_2287zoom IMG_2297zoom IMG_2302zoom

IMG_7125zoom IMG_7127zoom IMG_7139zoom IMG_7154zoom

Damn, quite the list if you ask me! Moving along, if there was one accomplishment this year that I was most stoked on, it was getting on to Karmaloop. It took us a minute to get on there and it’s proven to be a very good move as it’s broadened our reach to the greater street-wear scene at large, which is something I’ve aimed to do for a while now. So shouts to any of you who discovered us through Kazbah!

A ton of great music came out as well this year, and here were “some” of my favorites:


10b5684bc4118c01c4162e1b39e68cd0 663d4593d4ca 20120610-1999 4226559328-1 Alexander-Spit-A-Breathtaking-Trip-to-That-Other-Side aziz-tinderboxx Dee-Goodz-The-Introduction-Of-Donald-G-Cover-Art Dom-Kennedy-Yellow-Album-1 image Kendrick-Lamar-good-kid-maad-city-deluxe

Ace_Hood_Starvation_Cover schoolboyqhabitscontrad Lionheart - Undisputed (2012)


With everything considered, an ENORMOUS thank you to ALL who supported us this year as without you, there is no Still Proud! 2013 is officially here and I’ve got a lot of new stuff in the works that I know you guys are going to REALLY appreciate! So, I wish you all a happy & prosperous 2013 as we’ll be right there with you!



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