Where’s Gavin? The Winter Recap

Sorry for my poor blogging skills over the last month. I’ve been busy (when am I not?) with dropping 2 separate releases and all of the other fun stuff that comes along with them (i.e promotion & shipping) not to mention trying to have some semblance of a life (imagine that). This Winter drop was my largest to date with 2 pullovers, 1 zip-up, 5 t’s, 2 5-panels & 3 styles of beanies. I’ve been very happy with the response thus far and the holiday season has definitely reared it’s head with activity, so thanks for being patient with me on the shipping. I’ve also been spending a lot of time hammering down next years releases and with the new products I’m planning to roll out, GET READY! Without further delay, here’s a glimpse into my “organized” chaos:

photo (1) photo (6) photo (10) photo (12) photo (4) photo (17)

Bay Area Soleciety Sneaker & Street conventionphoto (13)

Post-launch sushi celebration…never get enough of that stuff!photo (7)

photo (11)

Caught Schoolboy Q

photo (16)

A$AP Rocky & the Mobbphoto (15)

Killer Mikephoto (19)

SOULS OF FUCKING MISCHIEF! So amazing!photo (18) photo

Pitbull nation!photo (8)

Meanwhile, at a bar in FL…photo (14)

Sunday mass
photo (3)

Caught the infamous Ybor shoe licker doing what he does best…photo (2)Soldier support

photo (5)

Sampling some new product…kj



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