Behind The Design: Question Everything



Simple, bold, direct. From an early age most of us are casualties of our parents, loved one’s, peers, or the accepted norms of our surroundings. For better or (often times) worse we are all products of our environment. Most carry these beliefs all throughout their lives never justifying them, but taking comfort in the thought that they’ve always been there. In my opinion, you’re not truly free unless you’ve questioned the very foundation of what it is you stand for. When you question your beliefs you either:

A. Create a much more solid foundation on which to stand


B. Realize everything you believed in was a facade

When I took that challenge 10 years ago, my reality was turned upside down. But breaking this conditioning afforded me one important lesson that this design’s about: the quest for truth. So try it for yourself as you never know what you’re going to find.

This piece is limited to 35 and can be purchased here or here

Leave no stone unturned…



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