Post-Hawaii Recap

It gets harder and harder to go home and come back to the real world. Not only is it home to me, but there’s a certain attitude I’ve come to appreciate about the islands that can’t be matched! And it doesn’t help that the rest of my family on the mainland just moved back. At this point I’m not positive where I’ll be in a year but I do know that I need to start etching some plans…

The trip was the best I’ve had thus far as two of my friends and girlfriend made the trek  with me. We surfed, hiked, cruised, ate, ziplined, parasailed, ate some more, and even did a little partying(imagine that). So, in typical fashion I’ll let the pics do the talking. Enjoy:


It was Sunday and this is my church

Teaching the art of surf to my groms

The crew, looking like an indie band ha

Contemplating the jump-Queens Bath


Just dancing on the Shipwreck beach clifs, don’t mind us

Blue Light CavesSacred falls

Where we’re going, we don’t need maps

So rejuvenating

Opaeka’a Falls

Koke Park

No fucks given!

Luau, me and the pops

Hawaiian grinds!



Alcohol and signs condoning it, defiance!

Arrival grinds at the Infamous Da Kitchen. Loco Moco brah!Ziplining

My mom, bro & stepdad who just moved back from FL

Relax more

Poke all day n night!

Enjoyed some brews from Maui Brewing co

Snorkeled Honolua bay and saw some rad fish & turtles

This woman’s one of the most prolific anchors in my life. She can also cook like a mother, wait, she is one!

Iau Valley: pics DO NOT do this place justice!!

Got Maui’d

Hawaii, until we meet again!



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