Bay Area Soleciety Recap

Straight up, this was an awesome show and we had a blast! As with any event, it’s hit or miss and there’s usually a lot of prep involved so I was hesitant at first but very happy once things unfolded. This was the second event (the first was a couple months prior)  that Soleciety hosted and was made so due to the overwhelming demand after the first one. It was very refreshing to finally see an event like this in the Tampa area as there is so much potential as was witnessed by the turnout: an hour into the show there was 600 heads perusing the vendors and selling their kicks! In an age of social media and wireless connections It’s always nice to step beyond the online world and engage with peeps both unfamiliar and in the know with SP as well as to meet the other local brands that also share these streets. All in all we made some sales, established some connections and had a great time doing it. Shouts to BA Sole & to my girls (Cass & Paige) for helping me out with the table and for my friends (Nate, Tyrell, Keith & Christine & Sandy) for attending! Lurk away:


Womb to tomb, start em young…

Pocket 7

Divided Minds

Even the BAWSEEE Rick RAWSEEE stopped by. I know, unreal!

Thanks for your support!

See you next time!



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