Still Here

Dear blog, my sincere apologies on the neglect. It’s been a busy month filled with important things both non and related to SP but nonetheless time guzzlers. Rest assured, your boy’s BACK in action! Rather than write you a novel of what I’ve been up to, eaten, drank and filled my time with, I like the picture approach better so let’s go with that. Oh, and you would have known what’s been going on in my universe if you were following me on Instagram (@Stillproud) but I’m sure you were already doing that…

FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW RIDE, then remembered how much car payments suck! Still a  nice ride though: Honda Civ 10

4th pig-roast bound with a gallon of my fav brew: JAI ALAI!

Boiled peanuts, pig roast, good beer and company, the only way to properly celebrate our independence!

Jon Connor

Joe Budden

The moms popped in for a visit. It will be one of the last times I see her before she and the rest of the fam in FL move back to Hawaii.

Finally got to try this: It tasted like subtly sweet doughnuts, the smoky taste of bacon and well, beer.  Nonetheless if you can find it, GET IT!

Rootbeer braised ribs, oh yaaaaaa!-Ella’s Folk Art Cafe

The best damn grilled cheese EVER!-The Independent

My good friend and former bandmate’s an aspiring brewer and by golly am I down to try his concoctions. This was a Jalapeno pale ale and daaaaaamn it was good! This dude’s going to set it off once he gets up and running!

This was his Imperial Bourbon Vanilla Porter with madagascar vanilla beans and Makers Mark…Mos def a beergasm!

Completed our last “legitimate” business step by getting my operational license in the city and made our first business account deposit. My baby’s growing up!

Oh, and Summer started to arrive…better get to it!

Stay tuned for more previews as the Summer launch closes in…

Stay up,



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