A Little Break Away

If you haven’t kept up with our Instagram ( @Stillproud) or Twitter  you may have been wondering what the heck I’ve been up to. Over the weekend I took a little trip up to beautiful South Carolina with some family for a little reunion of sorts and believe you me, it was much needed! After getting home on Monday it was back to work on Tuesday plus back to back shows Tuesday and Wednesday evening and on top of this pack on shipping out some orders and BAM, that’s a full schedule brah.  Feel free to lurk the evidence of my travels:

Ready for departure

I had not been to a Fuddruckers in about 10 years, needless to say I was STOKED to find it 5 minutes from our destination!

Just as good, scratch that, BETTER then before! I can’t look at this anymore

Liberty Bridge, downtown Greenville

Downtown Greenville, so beautiful

How do you get your underage bro into a club to party up? You got to know peeps, SP MVMT sticks tight son!

Representing for the West (south) side, 40 oz to freedom…

One half of the fam

Southern hospitality at it’s finest: BBQ, BBQ, BBQ and FAT TIRE BEER!

Been anticipating this show ALL YEAR LONG!

C&C was absolutely EPIC! Bar none, one of the greatest shows I’ve been to. Having gone through some hard times last year these jams got me through some ish

The next day I caught the Cold World, Backtrack, Expire & Dead End Path show which I’d also been waiting on for quite some time. DEP was the shit!

Expire: SUPERB live show!

Backtrack. No CW pics as I had to give the phone up for their set 🙂

Oh ya and before we depart, last weeks orders posted out today! Hurry up and get yours in: here or here



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