3 Years Deep…

Today, 3 years ago I took a chance with a nice portion of my savings (while unemployed) and dropped our very first release. I had no knowledge of apparel and only the undying need to have something to call my own as my guidance. Little did I know that 3 years later I would be writing this post in reflection of the time. I’ve learned a ton, met a lot of awesome people and created products that have had an impact on people around the world and back. This in itself is VERY gratifying!!

I did not get here though without a bit of struggle. I’ve beat myself up, spent a lot of my own money, tarnished relationships, maybe missed out on an opportunity or two (3,4, 5…) all in attempt to see this through. I’ve been screwed by printers, designers and photographers but still somehow managed to persevere and drop 7 seasons. I’ve also watched brands that have started later than me blow up while wondering when the same would happen to me. These are the realities that you don’t see but the difference between me and most is that I NEVER gave up hope and have never been afraid to work hard without hand outs to get mine. I’ve learned, reassessed, and came back twice as hard to re-position myself in the game without a second thought.

A few weeks ago I dropped our Spring line which has started off 2012 on a great foot and up next is our Summer launch with a special 3 year release to follow. Mark my words that this will be the biggest year for the brand yet! I say it a lot and I don’t want to harp on it too much but I have no one to thank but you guys. So thank you for allowing me to keep dropping season after season with your purchases. If you haven’t yet, head here or here to pick up our Spring launch as we need the support now more than ever! Every dollar in goes to more products out and we have a lot scheduled to drop coming up so your support is crucial!  Stay tuned for the announcements to come and have a great Sunday!



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