FLHC Video

Today’s hardcore scene gets a lot of flack from the older generation. The overarching sentiment is that the younger generation doesn’t give a fuck but nothing could be farther from the truth though.

Having booked and promoted shows for many years before this, as well as been a part of my local scene for even longer, this video’s like a trip back in time. It’s great seeing the younger generation still have that fire and admiration for the music without the toughguy mentality that seems to run rampant throughout the scene. I’ve listened to hardcore for 10 years now and witnessed the scene through its ups and downs in Florida and it’s very refreshing to see the younger generation step up and do something to showcase the emerging talent. While I don’t get out to shows as much as I’d like I have mad respect for anyone who puts fourth their blood, sweat and tears to build and foster their local scene.

So shouts to the individuals that created this and to those that bitch and moan about this or that, get off your ass and DO SOMETHING to preserve this important music:



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