One Last Note

As I sit here at 11:30 pm wrapping up the final touches for tomorrow’s drop, I can’t help but think how this has been one hell of a ride. The late nights, early mornings, highs and lows and everything in between blurs through my mind. It’s hard to believe that this will be my 7th season as it feels like yesterday when I was brainstorming ideas, comparing names, figuring out printers and designers and even learning how to operate this blog. It’s definitely been a crazy ride which is seemingly only getting started.

I’m hungry, hungry to convey so many ideas and to spread them to the 4 corners of the globe that I can never stop thinking about it. I can’t say that I’ve committed this much time and resources to something as I have with this project and I thank all of you for giving me that foundation; I don’t say that in vein.

With that being said, I’m counting on you. If you can directly fund SP by picking something up that would be awesome but if not a simple repost of our link helps more than you know friends. Our Spring launch marks the beginning of the year for our releases and rest assured I have a lot planned for you. So keep your eyes posted and be ready to pounce once we’re live as everything is under 50 pieces and thus limited. It’s midnight now so I should probably get some sleep. Have a great rest of your evening and I’ll see you in 6!



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