Box On Box On Box On Box

So it was quite the rather busy week “end.” 90% of the Spring gear shipped early in the week and from there it became a highly exciting game of unpacking (256 tees plus windbreakers) and closet Tetris (don’t act like you forgot). It’s always exciting and at the same time stressful unwrapping the final product as it’s remotely possible that something wasn’t printed right (or even at all)  but rest assured everything came out DOPE! Y’all are definitely in for a great release which will start the year off for SP like a snowball. A wrecking ball of cotton set on street wear domination, I know, I’m getting a bit carried away so i’ll quell my excitement, for now.

As soon as the product was in I hammered down our photoshoot which was luckily in the same week (Sunday). The shoot went very well and I think it’ll be our dopest set of visuals to date! I’m hoping to have our photos back by the weekend and then hopefully drop the line sometime next week so stay tuned for updates on that. In the meantime you can expect 1 more set of previews which I know y’all will  enjoy :). Until then, step a week in my shoes:

 16 Boxes (inc Winter leftovers)

A 5 x 5 closet (partially full with my stuff) , how does he do it?

Crime scene

Central booking

If you don’t own an easy button the next best thing is called consolidation. Btw, how does it feel to have a closet?

Scoping out shoot locations

Something’s coming

Stay tuned…



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