In Self We Trust Crews Coming Soon…

In celebration of a new upcoming opportunity for SP I’m dropping a limited “In Self We Trust” crewneck as our last Winter piece of the season. You’ll notice on this release that the crown has been flipped and this is a symbol you’ll see a lot in our upcoming pieces and in the logo. The crown being a symbol of power and control and thus by flipping it, symbolizes our stand against the institutions of influence that seek to manipulate us. The gloves are off! It will only be limited to 25 pieces and spread across our online store and another to be announced soon. Ever since I put this out on a pullover/ zip-up y’all have been asking for it on a crewneck so don’t sleep on your size as they will go fast! I’m hoping to have them on-sale within 2 weeks so stay tuned for the announcement!

In the meantime, pick up our very first Dissent crewneck which is only limited to 35 pieces (and will not be reprinted) available here. You can also read about the message behind the design here.



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