Behind the Idea: Nation

Imagine a nation where people did things not based on what their peers, religious leaders or government officials “instructed,” but what they felt was right. Imagine a nation where skin color, religion, sexual preference, beliefs, sex or mere differences of opinion were actually celebrated and not shunned. Yes, I may be referring to a utopic society but there’s something blatantly obvious about our society’s current frame of thought, It’s flawed.  This is the ideal behind this design and while we may never experience this type of society in our lifetimes, we can sure as hell light the spark that may one day burn bright for future generations.

On the design front I’ve always wanted to do a flag tee and with the quote on the back borrowing bits and pieces of the pledge of allegiance, it was fitting to use my countries flag which is of course one of the most well-known (for better or worse). The main piece is of course the inverted all-seeing eye. Fashion today is saturated with Illuminati/ occultic symbolism and I often wonder if many brands have looked into the agenda’s that they are rightfully pushing or if they’re merely following along with the herd. Come to your own conclusions but I’ll go against the grain of this iconic symbol. The key and keyhole represent unlocking the door to a new way and it’s an image that won’t disappear from future pieces…

My initial sketches

Design edits


Only 6 tees left, grab them here



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