Time Waits For None

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but things have been busy and hectic around these parts. I know, when are they not, right? For starters, I got back on Sunday after an unexpected trip home to Hawaii for my late brothers funeral. It was definitely one of the toughest experiences in my life and it’s still pretty hard to grasp because the last thing you think about is putting someone so young (36) and close into the ground. My brother was a proud supporter of me and SP and it kind of in a sense made me want to push this farther not only for myself but also in his memory. It really got me thinking. We often take for granted the minuscule things of this life we have. I know you hear it often but it really is important to be conscious and appreciative of every experience life affords you. The good, the bad, the struggles and the accomplishments are all merely learning tools and stepping stones to each of our own unique legacy’s on this planet. Time truly waits for no one so if you have something that you want to do, work towards it even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day. Believe me and take it from your elders, life moves fast and the last thing you want in your older years is to have more “what if’s” then “been there’s.” Sorry for ranting but I really hope all of you consider these words as you go about your daily lives because no one really knows when their time’s up!

I made the most out of the trip though and it was at least great to see family members I haven’t seen since childhood. Besides the funeral arrangements and services I just did my usual cruising around Kauai: surfing every opportunity I could get and eating at all my favorite restaurants in the few days I had. I even saw a hammerhead silhouette in an oncoming wave, yikes!  There truly is no place like home and each trip back gets harder and harder to leave. Not the best circumstances to be home but nonetheless a good chance to get away from the everyday grind to see family and ultimately reflect on life. With the bad comes the good and vice versa though, as right before I left I received some awesome news!

I was approved for some potentially big exposure for SP, which is something I’d been working on for the last year. I won’t exactly say what it is yet (as I’ll be announcing it once we’re live) but if you know anything about street-wear, you’re probably very familiar with “this.”  So the cat ain’t out of the bag yet jack, sit tight and I’ll y’all know within the oncoming weeks.

Besides this, our Spring line’s almost complete and will go to print sometime early Feb for an early March release. As with each season, I get more and more excited with the progression of everything and in terms of Still Proud, I KNOW that this year will be our best yet! I’m putting out some firsts for us besides the usual tee shirts and such so stay tuned! Before I sign off I just want to say thanks to everyone for all of your support, I may not know each of you but your interaction absolutely means the world to me! Oh, and before I leave enjoy these pics from Hawaii…

This is Hawaii brah, keep your shoes on the mainland…

Hang loose brah!

Nephew and my pops

Rest In Power Kyle Kaleo Masashi Otsuka



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