Best Of 2011 Music Picks

All hail my list of eargasmic albums, ep’s and mixtapes for the year of 2011 . You may agree or disagree but the truth of the matter is, it’s MY list and music lies in the ears of the beholder (in other words, I could give a **** if someone disagrees). I don’t like numbering the selections because music is one of those areas where there’s a different sound for different moods and mindsets. At one point I could feel like crying myself to sleep, moshing up innocent bystanders or pulling out the AK (not really, but I think you get my rap reference), so whats the use in numbering? I also shy away from numbering because I have quite a bit (28 total) and being the rather indecisive chap I am, I’d probably go crazy! If you’re looking for an in depth review, my bad, I don’t get paid for that so I’m going to keep my descriptions short, sweet, and blunt (at times)! I may have babbled too much already so let’s get to the reason your eyeballs are here. One other note: I scoured my online library of music so if I missed anything, it might be because I haven’t listened to it or god forbid, it sucks (j/k)! Lezz go:

Harrrrrrrcoar(NY accent), or close to it

Trapped Under Ice-Big Kiss Goodnight

 I’ve always liked TUI bc they bring a different sound to the table. A bit more produced than their previous material but by far my favorite release from these dudes to date! Musically it’s fun but I’m a fan of lyrical substance and this album packs a punch! With lines like “I don’t want to be followed by sheep, don’t need the respect of the mentally weak” or “quit pointing fingers, uncle Sam wants you pulling triggers,” what’s not to like?

Lionheart-Built On Struggle

I’ve been waiting for this release for years and by god, it’s exactly what I wanted! The vibe’s fierce, the message’s defiant and I truly don’t need much more to solidify it as a classic beatdown record! Can’t wait to hear my boys next release!

Foundation-When The Smoke Clears

When the Smoke Clears picks right up where Hang your Head left off  and is a menacing drop. This is one modern band that’s still holding true to the spirit of underground hc, catch them live!


Ya they may not be as hardcore as anything on Bridge Nine but this band sure as hell does one thing right, they bring the mosh! I prefer a nice long jog to this record or a gym session, don’t be a pussy, check it out!

Dead End Path-Blind Faith

Heavy. Pummeling. Hardcore. Groovy. Sold?

Bury Your Dead-Mosh & Roll

Let’s be real, many “hardcore” bands I once loved sold the **** out in pursuit of greener pastures, and BYD skated on that line. Thank “Christ” though they used a torch to get through the darkness and dropped this banger. A bit more nu-metalish with the riffage but nonetheless I’ll take it to have this band back. The title of the album says it all, man up!

King Conquer-America’s Most Haunted

To hell with your Job for a Cowboy’s, Suicide Silence’s or Whitechapel’s, this is deathcore’s best kept secret! Although I don’t listen to much at all of that sub-genre these days, this is a gem! It infuses some of the best attributes of tech death metal with some creative breakdowns and since most hc these days has metal influences in it, there’s bound to be something you can latch on to here.

GhostxShip-Cold Truth

I was thrilled to find that bands of this caliber still exists. It takes you back to early 2000 mosh heavy hardcore when bands like Black My Heart, Shattered Realm and Love Is Red we’re the norm. Shouts to these fellas for making such a solid jam from from beginning to close!

Harms Way-Isolation

It was this drop that really solidified my appreciation for this band. From it’s onslaught, the pummeling sound that these dudes have crafted will punch you in the face and come back for seconds  and hell, possibly thirds. These dudes are most certainly on their way to the top of the hardcore/ metal pile and another must catch live act!

Warhound-Return of the Hardstyle

“Hardstyle” is a rekindled wave of hc I’ve heard a lot of this year but could never find a band that I actually liked. Two weeks ago, I found this ep! I love it as it reminds me of that groovy Biohazard esque vibe (go figure, the cover’s a Bio rip) that’s seemingly dried up from the scene but should have never left in the first place. Shouts to these boys for keeping it alive and modern. If they pick up where this drop leaves off, I can almost guarantee you’ll find them on next year’s list!

Hip to the Hop

Alexander Spit-These Long Strange Night’s

This is chill, easily digestible hip-hop for a relaxing day. The beats are spacey and very complementing of A Spits mellow party vibe flow. Approved!

Outerspace-My Brother’s Keeper

Anyone affiliated with the Army of The Pharoahs crew tends to drop some epic shit and this album’s certainly a glistening example! The lyricism that these two elicit’s very refreshing to see in today’s rather lackluster scene and coupled with the battle heavy beats, makes for a very powerful release.  Plus, they rep SP, what more needs to be said, pshhhh!

Aziz-Daydreams Of A Spaceshot

Just listen to “I got a shot” and you’ll understand my appreciation for this artist as I’m a stickler for music that motivates and inspires. Keep an eye on this kid!

Jedi Mind Tricks-Violence Begets Violence

JMT’s like a fine (bitter) wine that gets better and better with age. Nothing but love for these Hip-hop underdogs for staying true to their scene and never compromising in pursuit of that mighty dollar. This is wartime hip-hop that needs nothing more than a listen to become hooked!

Ill Bill & Vinne Paz (JMT)-Heavy Metal Kings

This was a much anticipated release and for great reason. These two apart are beasts alone but put them both together and you’ve got a recipe for destruction. From the lyrical content to the ferocity of this drop this is one for the books of collaborations that you absolutely need to check out!

King Fantastic-Death Of Summer E.P

Electro/ dubstep meets gangsta rap, nuff said! 2011 was the year where electro music (dubstep) snuck into my playlist (out of nowhere) and KF’s certainly a nice gateway drug for  that. This EP and anything this duo’s put out goes hard as hell and most certainly worth a listen if you’re looking for something new and innovative.

Koncept & Transformer-More than Meets the Eye E.P

I first came across Kon  earlier this year after peeping one of his videos and was immediately impressed by his flow and honest lyricism which is very easy to relate to. You’ll definitely want to add this release to your collection!

Charlie Future-The Charlie Future Mixtape

This a very catchy release from a relatively unheard of up and comer that you certainly want to keep an eye out for. This kid def has mainstream capability and his flows are very catchy which makes for an enjoyable listen. If you order more than two things or spend at least $40 you’ll get a copy of this mixtape with your order 😮

Drake-Take Care

I don’t care for much mainstream hip-hop but for some reason Drake’s one artist I’ve always appreciated.  Sorry but imo this album’s amazing! It’s lowkey, emotional vibe sits very well with my appreciation for music that grabs your heartstrings and refuses to let go.  Hate on it but before you do, at least give it one listen. After all, I’ve been able to convert some haters off this drop…

ASAP Rocky-Live. Love. ASAP

I’m not sure where this kid came from but regardless this mixtape’s a banger. It’s not the content of his flows which stand out but the synergy and tone of his voice which makes this  such a great jam which has put this up and coming mc into the limelight, so quick.

Julius Myth-Day of the Dead Beats

This is one mxtape in 2011 that’s been in my playlist nonstop. Myth has a rather diverse sound which will appeal to both indie heads and even mainstream peeps. Two tracks you absolutely need to hear are “dreamin” and “nightmares,” believe it!

The Weeknd-House of Balloons

It’s very hard to explain this album because it’s not a style I typically listen to as it borders moreso on r&b/ electro but also has a dash of hip-hop for digestibility. Truly worth a listen!

Immortal Tech-The Martyr

And you thought I was going to forget this one? Pshhhh! Tech is  one of my favorite rappers because in the words of Orwell “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” This album’s a testament to the times we’re living through and I always appreciate Tech stepping up to the plate and spitting the truth and more importantly, calling us to act! Do not sleep on this phenomenal release!


City & Colour-Little Hell

When it comes to Acoustic “indie” rock, everything C&C’s put out has been excellent. It’s mellow, moody and absolutely worth a listen for those rainy days.

Make Do & Mend-Part & Parcel EP

I’ve been hooked on this band recently after hearing their “End Measured Mile” record as it’s a refreshing douse of anthemic rock that almost reminds me of an indie Foo Fighters (for some odd reason). This is an acoustic EP featuring some of the tracks off the record and I highly recommend you check her out.

And duh, the best drop of 2011 ultimately goes to the Dissent line mixtape which actually features a couple of the artists mentioned above :o. Cop it here

Now let’s hear what your favorites were?

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  1. Brian says:

    like the fact that you put black my heart on the dissent line mixtape

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