End of 2011 Mystery Grab Bag Sale

With 2011 nearing its close and having been our best year yet, I wanted to run a sale in appreciation of your business. Our sales are typically a certain percentage off but instead of that I wanted to try something a little different. Check the below options:

Mystery Grab Bag#1

-1 Hoody (pullovers, zips or crewneck) & 1 tee (any avail tee) for $50 (save $10)

Mystery Grab Bag#2

-1 Hoody(pullovers, zips or crewneck) & 2 tees(any avail tee) for $65 (save $15)

Mystery Grab Bag#3

-2 Hoodies(pullovers, zips or crewneck)  & 1 tee(any avail tee) for $80 (save $20)

*The above prices do not inc shipping

The way it works is that you click on the above links, choose your size and upon checking out (in the note section) enter your 1’st and 2nd choice on each  garment

For Ex: If you order Bag #1 you would notate: First/ second choice on hoody-Forever defiant/ Dissent crew,  First/ second choice on tee-Dissent/ Conformity

Depending on availability (as some sizes are sold out), I’ll try my best to get you the designs you would like.

This sale ends at midnight 12/31/11 est and there are only a few numbers per grab bag  so don’t miss out!

Thanks again!



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Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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