Behind the Idea: DISSENT Tee/ Crew

“I was raised to speak out about politics and the world around me. I would do it whether I was in the public or not. It is the way I was taught. The American way.”- Judy Collins

This print serves as the center-piece to this collection. When I was initially brainstorming ideas this word really jumped out  because of what’s going on in my own backyard (US) as well as around the world. It’s not hard to see through current events and realize that our politicians have long since abandoned reason, law enforcement is not there to serve “the people,” and we are simply expected to tolerate injustice and a further dismantling of our rights as “free” individuals. What we fail to see is that we were born into a natural state of disharmony with our environment as free individuals, but we have allowed indoctrination and apathy to remove us from this ideal. It’s time to stand up for ourselves.

I plan to make this an annually released design and with each reprint having a different center image signifying a powerful act of defiance. For the first release I used the infamous burning monk image because I don’t think it gets anymore real then dying for something you believe in to merely prove a point!

On the design front, here was my initial “artistic”  sketch

A couple variations from the original idea

The final design

The final colorway

Finished product

Pick up this design on a tee and our very first crewneck. Only limited to 35 pieces, don’t sleep!


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