A Dissent From The Norm

Here we are exactly a week into the Winter drop and yet again another awesome response from you! From the website hits, orders and feedback, this was definitely the best response yet and it’s so damn exciting to watch it all unfold. A lot of people have commented that this is my best release so far which totally thrills me! I’m excited because this is the release I’ve wanted to put out for some time in terms of the overall message it evokes as well as the consistency in the theme. As a naturally outspoken citizen in some truly trying times, it’s hard not to be influenced by the mess that’s going on around me. With the Occupy protests and overall feeling of tension among the people in my country, it felt like this was the perfect time for this release.

To me, clothing is first and foremost: expression. Yes, Still Proud is a brand, but more important to me than the name on a t-shirt is the message and feeling that it evokes. I’m not interested in merely selling you a catchy phrase or our logo, I’m more so focused on presenting ideas whether subtle or outspoken. I’ll just say that if you dug this one, wait until you see the future releases coming up…

This release was very limited with each design under 40 pieces (and so far some sizes have sold out) so don’t sleep on something if we have it in stock! If you haven’t done so already peep the lookbook, pick something up and cop the free mixtape!

Now step into my shoes:

Shouts to our military as well as overseas support: Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Australia, the UK and our very first order to Spain!!

Also, check out our mentions on the following rad sites: The Fresh StockH1gher Learning and Hardcore Shirt. Keep an eye out for some behind the design posts on each piece.

Thanks for caring!



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