On The Eve Of Destruction

Shipping supplies are stocked, new gear’s neatly folded, and I’m finishing up on some last minute preparations for tomorrow’s launch. Slightly nervous, excited, and very much feeling like a headless chicken right about now.  On the eve of my 6th season since starting this project it’s quite nostalgic when I stop to think about it. Almost 3 years of my life dedicated to putting out clothing that has been carried around the world and perhaps even influenced or had an impact on at least a few individuals. Although I’m not nearly where I want to be, I know i’ll get there and each release takes me closer and closer to accomplishing my goals. Besides the artists and printers I’ve had the privilege of working with, I have no one to thank but YOU! It’s you who have invested in this and allow me to keep coming out with bigger and better things release after release. My Summer drop had the largest response yet and really showed me what type of support net I truly have and for that I’m extremely grateful.

With that being said I’m asking for your help with tomorrows release. If you have the means and can pick something up please do, but regardless, please at least help me spread the look-book and store links when they drop. Links as you know are the currency of the internet and especially pinnacle to helping us small fries infiltrate the scene. Still Proud was started and grown organically via word of mouth and old fashioned hustle and I intend on keeping it that way. So, can I count on you?

“This is a family, I count on you, you count on me!”



About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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