“Dissent” Winter 2011 Line Previews

So here we are with another season waiting in the wings and the anticipation is about to knock me out (as usual). This release is particularly exciting for me as it elicits a core message to this brand that has been hinted at in past releases but never really had the opportunity to surface. With as much unrest as there is in our society as of late with the worldwide protests (and just the general discontent nature of our people), I felt that this collections time had come. The message that i’m referring to is defiance!

Dissent is merely a difference of opinion from an established order. It’s the spark that ignites any movement and is the fuel that keeps it progressing. Without a difference of opinion and the means to stand up and use our voices, “we” become the servants of “them.” The Dissent collection pays homage to this fight for independence and the unyielding need to live our lives according to our own standards, not those laid out before us by the institutions of power and influence that control our society. Dissent, is our birthright and moral obligation!

The drop will feature 4 new designs (plus a reprint) spread out across tees, pullovers, a zip-up, a new longsleeve and our very first crewneck (popular request)! The reprint I’m referring to is last seasons favorite piece the In Self We Trust hoody as it’s message is pinnacle to this seasons theme. Lastly, I dropped our first snap-back with our  Summer line and have a new one coming and I’ll just say that this one’s about to one up the former, SERIOUSLY!

Note: ALL OF THE QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED (each is under 40 pieces) and with the growing response of each season I’m planning for them to move quickly, so DON’T HESITATE TO ORDER! I did print some bigger sizes up to 4x (hoods) and 5x (tees only), BUT I only did one per design so if that’s your size be ready to pounce!

Between printing, inventory and the photoshoot I’m projecting a late November release in time for the Christmas season. Ideally, I was planning to have everything out by now but delays tend to happen between design/ print so keep an eye out as hopefully I can get everything out sooner! By now you’re probably ready for some previews, ya?

In no particular order (and probably not the best quality), here’s the first look at SP’s Winter 2011 “Dissent” release:

Stay tuned for more previews and announcements as D-day approaches! Let me know what you think?




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3 Responses to “Dissent” Winter 2011 Line Previews

  1. Charles Adams says:

    Is that one shirt supposed to say “conformant”? if it is then it’s spelled wrong.

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