Occupy Wallstreet: My .02

I’m not going to go into a deep political rant about this but as a discontent American that appreciates his way of life, I can’t help but comment. I think we can all agree that the bailouts that our politicians have attempted to justify have not helped US. Our cost of life continues to rise while our wages etc. remain at a standstill or in the worse case, we get laid off. Juggernaut corporations on the other hand do not operate on the same level as the citizenry. They are babied, given nutrition (our $) and nursed back to health and to say that politicians don’t have tangling alliances with them, is to lie to yourself!  Like anything if you follow the money, you can smell the rat. I don’t care if you support the underlying premise of these protests, as that is not the most important lesson here. What’s important is that Americans are FINALLY swallowing their longstanding apathy, questioning their leaders, and taking it to the streets. Change does not happen overnight but it has to start “somewhere,” and that somewhere is on the backs of the working class citizens. Those that pay the price the hardest. We all know that something’s wrong with our system and it’s up to US to change it because if we do not,  history has a tendency to repeat itself. I recommend checking this clip out as IMO it’s dead on:


Keep fighting the good fight!



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