Georgia Recap: Keeping Up With The Jones’

Last week I ventured up to Georgia to see my good friend and ex-band mate Tom get hitched.  For as long as I’ve been playing music (nearly a decade), Tom’s been my guitar player and great friend. We’ve grown, shed tears, and probably wanted to ring each others necks at some point but luckily survived and developed an unwavering friendship through it all. It’s both refreshing and inspiring to have watched two individuals grow into love, have a child and then tie the knot as it definitely brings perspective to ones life. I just want to wish Mr. and Mrs. Jones the best of luck in their lifelong journey together, I love you guys! Now let’s scope what went down…

GA’s about to get hit with a little something, something

Leaving the mark of the MVMT in Little 5 PointsSuch a dope mural outside of Junkman’s DaughtersI have been to the Vortex…and their burgers are great!Teriyaki Burger, nomz

One of the first dudes I befriended in the hc scene XoXo Thom (not the groom btw)Feeling hungry and in need of entertainment? Pick up some cookies as well as a book, weird.A Jameson shot, Guinness and glass for $9? Pssshhh, of course I’m sold!

Groom & groomsmen

BBQ and Fat Tire beer, a perfect Southern twang!

Then it got a little weird(I blame it on the ah ah ah ah ah alchohol)

Groom approved I present to you: Mr. and Mrs. Jones, congrats guys!

Let their be cup-cake!

It’s gotten to the point where brides are giving me the bouquet and wishing me luck, where are all the good girls at?You can always count on me to bring that westcoast vibe to any gala. To a successful lifelong marriage, dawg!And of course before our departure I have to drop some shots of Hardcore Tom shredding faces!



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  1. Seven says:

    Your’s is a point of view where real inlenligetce shines through.

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