Behind the Design: Remain Steadfast

Design description: Those discontent with the beaten path often pave the way for amazing feats and accomplishments in society. This tee celebrates individualism in a society that thrives on a herd mentality. If you know where you’re going and it feels right to you, then do it regardless of what “they” say. In the end, It’s your life to live, test the possibilities!

The beaten path is one of meek traditional standards. It doesn’t take much to get along here and mediocrity is very much the religion.  The “problem” with this is that our big dreams tend to divert us away from the known to the unknown. This is counter-intuitive to the herd and often times under pressure we discard our dreams, hopes and aspirations because it “seems impossible” according to our peers and family. One only needs to look at the movers and shakers in society, those who rose above “the norm,” tested the possibilities and went full force down a path of uncertainty to reach the gold. If you were to ask them if they regretted charting the waters of the unknown for the success and happiness they now enjoy, what do you think they would say? This shirt is for those never content with normality, take the path least traveled and explore your dreams!

On the design front, this is another piece which incorporates both graphic design/ hand-drawn elements into it and has been our most popular design of the Summer collection. The anchor was chosen as the center-piece because it symbolizes fortitude. As for the back, it’s a line of encouragement to society and of course the name of our Summer drop.

First edits

My sharpie, cut and paste idea to the graphics dept

And alas the final products

Pick this one up in a tee, tank-top or girls tee. It’s our most popular design of the Summer season and a lot of sizes are already sold-out with only a few remaining so pick it up quick! Next on “behind the design” we unearth the FTW and PMA tees, stay tuned!



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2 Responses to Behind the Design: Remain Steadfast

  1. Luis Garcia says:

    Where can i purchase the remain steadfast tank for men?

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