Magic-Vegas Aug 2011 Wrap Up

When they say that Vegas is “the city that never sleeps” or “the city of sin,” believe them! Straight up, it was 6 days of connecting with street-wear industry heads, after-parties, debauchery, and well, did I mention debauchery? Oh and I also left Vegas a pair of shoes and pants, less. Not only was this my first attendance to a trade-show but also to the city so it was a tad bit overwhelming to say the least. My road to magic all started 6 months ago when in the midst of skype’ing with my boy Dan (from Stick Up Kids) he had mentioned about attending the show for the last few years and it being an awesome networking experience with not only retailers but the brands that shape this industry. Having heard about the show for ages I was pretty damn intrigued and after some thought decided to suck up the entry fee (and the other costs involved) and check it out. Besides, with a veteran attendee how much easier could it be to get my feet wet? Seriously!

So I got together some samples, business cards/ stickers and set out on my “initial” 4 night excursion without the slightest bit of knowing what I was in store for. The show ran for 3 days(Mon-Wed) and went great as I was able to befriend some brands that I very much look up to which in this industry, connections are everything. One thing that blew me away was the sheer amount of products that most of the brands had displayed. It definitely instilled in me the need to step up my game and to push the envelope in terms of what I put out. Another thing that I appreciated was the ability to meet the Karmaloop heads that run the ship: Dennis Todisco (K-loop) and Chris Deleigh (K-loop Kazbah). K-loop is the largest site and online distributor in the street-wear scene and one that I’ve been in contact with over the last couple of months. The initial attempt fell through but mark my words Mr. Deleigh, I don’t give up easy :o. Seriousness aside, it was great to put a face to a name and at the very least show them that I’m serious about this little project of mine.

After walking the show floor pretty much all three days, we would head to the room for the evening battle-plans. There was an invite only Chris Brown/ Swizz Beats performance (which we crashed), the Karmaloop party with Pusha-T, hundreds of night clubs not too mention the always popping strip. We pretty much did it all! When you’re able to carry alcohol freely in the streets and relatively everywhere else, you’re bound to have a grand time wherever and boy did we! Partying until 6 am every night to wake up and be to the show between 9-11 was a miracle but somehow we managed to pull it off. Amidst the late nights I randomly met a sweet local girl and on a whims notice extended my stay from Thursday to Saturday. I figured why the hell not, I don’t have work until Monday and  to pass up an opportunity that I may never get again seemed rather foolish. I was very glad I stayed as I had a nice time kicking back and exploring the city further.

All in all this trip was an eye opener and a great learning experience. I met some new friends, got to experience a fun city and most importantly have something new to strive towards. I’m confident that one day I won’t merely be an attendee, but a vendor! Thanks for reading, now peep the evidence:

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, rrrright

The show was set up with rows and rows of booths in alphabetical order according to the type (Street, skate, MMA etc.)

There were some biz dudes walking around in suits, obviously fans of street culture

And an appearance by a kid DJ, this was rad!Big ups to the Seventh Letter crew. Not only did they have a booth with their latest seasons (which are BOMB!) but they were also doing a live painting display, amazing work! Another awesome live painting going on outside of the Mishka booth

New Era had a huuuge display and I snapped this pic to get some ideas on hat colorways, I meeaaannn…

Brothers in arms (or the cool people I met, whichever works)

My partners in crime on the trip: Jamal (Desiar Eyewear) and Dan (Stick Up Kids)

Matt and James of Check Your Six

My Asian brother Ha from Fur Face BoyGraham from Us Vs. Them Mike of Charlie NobleFashawnJustin IMPRMBreezy Excursion Space and Breezy

And Mr. Andy I’m King himselfBrief glimpses of the city

Mericuh, yaaaaaaah

A side shot of the Swizz Beats partay, t’was off the chain!Although I don’t follow his music, any emcee that plays with a live band gets my respect!

Pusha T

Worth the trip alone!When in RomeWhether it’s on the streets or up in your suites I’m always leaving my mark

I’ll say that Vegas was good to me 😮G-SP


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