Behind the Design: Stand For Something

Design description: Beliefs give us conviction, direction and most importantly a purpose in life. Choose those that strengthen and develop your character and you become unstoppable. In the words of Jamey Jasta “If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing.”

I feel like a large portion of the public doesn’t really have much to believe in these days, and I really can’t say that I blame them. There are a million and one reasons that I could cite to back this but at the end of the day if we don’t have beliefs or goals, our life lacks direction and ultimately a sense of integrity. We ALL must find “something” that sets us on a course as if we don’t, were merely existing.

For the design, I used our classic logo on the front as I wanted the piece to be simple. The back features the saying “stand for something or perish for nothing” along with a couple insignias you’ve seen adorned on our past gear.





Originally I had the logo with the Est 09 but after much consideration decided to change it to roman numerals as it’s a bit more mysterious and imo looks better. I had my graphics dude send it to me as a left chest and full front. For the sake of differentiation from our ISWT hood, I decided on the full front.

For the back I wanted to see it two ways: clean but also with some texture to the center image. It resembled our SP Crowns hood too much so I kept it simple, stupid. Here’s the scrapped example:

And alas our final product

The SFS design is available on a tee (black or charcoal), tanktop (royal or red) or womens v-neck (charcoal heather or black). Some sizes are already sold out so jump on it!

Look out for the next “Behind the Design” post on our Remain Steadfast piece coming soon…



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