“The Path Least Traveled” Unveiled

If you’ve followed SP for at least a few seasons you know that I like to give you a little peek behind the curtain of what went into each piece from the concept to the design. I figured this time around though I’d start with the overall theme as it has a more personal meaning behind it that actually goes back a few years for me.

The path least traveled was actually the name of a song from my old band Through the Worst. It’s also listed on our lookbook and featured on our free mixtape. In life everyone likes to tell you what they think you should do. It’s their expectations that often get in the way of our own personal goals and dreams and the song is about doing what’s right for you. At the end of the day it’s not about them or what the societal norm is, it’s about following what’s in your heart, taking chances and not being afraid to fail! Check the lyrics:

This is it i will not face defeat

My mind is set and i cannot be beat
Been down and out but never given up
This is a test that i must rise above
This world destines me to fail
But i wont go without a fight
This is my life and i will do what is right for me
I’ll take my chances and follow my dreams
I may only get one shot so i’ll make it count
It could cost the world but so could doubt
Im pushing on
Regardless of what stands in my way
Im pushing on
Regardless of what they have to say

It’s been a message that’s driven me for quite sometime and had a lot to do with the creation of Still Proud. After the line came out I also got a tattoo in commemoration of it. So when you see the designs realize that there’s more than meets the eye. In many instances the pieces are aspects of my personality, attitude and philosophies I follow.

Look out for a behind the design post of our “Stand for Something” tee coming shortly. To you and your path….



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