Indonesian Shipping Announcement

Since I was ripped off by an Indonesian order for $120 (even after showing the outstanding folks at paypal my shipping confirmation) I’ll reach out to you to confirm your order and may sit on it for a certain period of time. I’ve only gotten 2 orders from there and one went sour so I’m sorry to add a delay but i’m a little company and have to protect my neck. Thx for understanding.



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4 Responses to Indonesian Shipping Announcement

  1. I’ve had the exact same problem. They tried ripping me off for about € 150 (About $ 180 or so, I guess).. Creditcard company called it a “fraudulent” purchase… I emailed them all the proof, emails, shipping conformation etc).. MONTHS later (6 or 7) I get a message from PayPal saying that the creditcard company eventually ruled in my favor and they deposited the money back in my account…

    So yeah definitely watch out with these Indonesian orders.. I see so many people on my site ( that try to make an order from there, with all kinds of weird addresses, shipping address always in Indonesia, obviously, creditcard address usually American or European….


  2. Everything was handled by Paypal, I never had direct contact with the CC company….
    Maybe you’ll get lucky and get your money back in 6 or 7 months 😉

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