The Road To Magic

Even though Still Proud’s been around for a little over 2 years, it’s in the last year that the pieces really started to come together in terms of this brands identity. I initially came into this wanting to create a t-shirt brand (with catchy sayings) geared towards the music that I was into with not much else in mind (sounds pretty typical).  I remember reading The Hundreds blog a ways back and hearing the term “lifestyle brand” and I was stumped as to how you could create a lifestyle based around clothing. It just didn’t seem authentic to me for some reason. After giving this term a lot of thought though, it makes complete sense as fashion is an expression of the individual and when paired with a brands message/ identity wallah you’ve got the foundations of a lifestyle brand. On that note if you’ve paid attention to SP within that time period I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of progression from where this started to where I’m at at the present moment. Photoshoots turned into lookbooks, the basic little blog turned into a regularly updated look into the heart of the company and the quality and “authenticity” of the gear I put out also took a step up (with better blanks and the addition of tagged tees among other attributes).

With each season comes new growth, opportunities and many lessons to be learned. As both a student and a player (albeit a small one) in the street wear scene, one thing you hear a lot about are trade shows namely Magic and Agenda. As someone who’s a bit hesitant of taking big chances I was presented an opportunity to tag along with one of my boys Dan from Stick Up Kids that I couldn’t pass up. Yes it’s not exactly a cheap undertaking (as this is in Vegas after all) but hell, it can’t hurt to learn this industry from the trenches if I’m hoping to become somewhat of a player in it. I’m not exactly sure of what I’ll find but if one thing’s certain it’s hard to accomplish bigger things if you’re not willing to take a risk! Between the glitz of the city, being face to face with brands I look up to not to mention the after-party nightlife, it’s bound to be an exciting undertaking of which I’m stoked to experience. So with a dollar and a dream I’m setting off to take a chance and network as much as possible. What will unfold I’m not really sure but if worse comes to worse it should be one fun party! Vegas, I’m gunning for you Aug 21-25th…If any of you reading this will be in attendance let’s get up! To bigger things…



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Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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